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YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser gunned down on Friday

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Two raising Florida rappers were gunned down on Friday and died upon arriving at a hospital. According to the local police department, they were not alive when they reached the hospital.

Miramar Police Department revealed: ‘We brought Christopher Thomas Jr and Anthony to the Memorial Hospital of Miramar around 4.35 am on Friday. Due to multiple gunshot wounds, they lost their lives before arriving at the hospital.’

Tania Rues, the Miramar police spokeswoman, explained to the Treasure Coast Palm: ‘The 21-year-old Christopher and 21-year-old Anthony shared their location with their fans on Friday. At 3.20 am, they were in Fort Lauderdale. The shooting place is still a mystery, but we are trying our best to reach it. We are also searching for the driver who dropped them off at the hospital.’

The pair used to visit YNW Melly over weekends. A 19-year-old rapper, Jamell Demons, was also very prominent in the area and they mostly went for an outing with him.

YNW Juvy


The followers knew Thomas as YNW Juvy while Williams was famous by the stage name YNW Sakchaser.

Their song ‘Youngins’ was released in 2017 and got 2million2 million views. In the video of the song, various folks are carrying an assortment of handguns. In another song’s video, the rappers are fighting outside of a house with a machine gun. Most recently in August, YNW Juvy theeleased the released a song ‘Tissue’ and YNW Melly appeared in the video of this song.

A few hours after their deaths, Melly wrote on Instagram: ‘They wanted to see me behind bars due to their jealousy. But I’m here my slimes to take care of your parents and family. I wanted  all of you to send a prayer for my brothers.’

YNW Melly’s recent song ‘Murder on my Mind’ crossed 42 million views on YouTube.

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