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Woody Allen’s daughters Bechet and Manzie on set

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He is a director, people acknowledge and criticize his work .He has worked in several award-winning films on his brag sheet.

It is seems the film industry depends upon Woody Allen’s family. Acting is a family business of his family. He was with his daughter on the set.


Infact , they were spotted on the set for the incoming movie. His daughter ‘Bechet’ is a start in her incoming untitled movie. Not only Bechet but also her sister Manzie Toi Allen was on set with her.

Beachet was wearing necklace and carrying an iPad in her hand. It seemed she was learning the basic of film industry. While walking on set, she followed his father.

Woody Allen’s daughters

There was headphone around his neck, Woody stared at tough work. He took a deep breath at the set of fast running day. He along his both daughters were waiting for meeting.

Beckett joked about her unaware sister. Selena Gomez and Timothée Chalamet are the stars of her father’s untiled movie. The movie is incoming soon.

Both daughters are his real , infact he adopted them with his wife ,Soon-Yi Pervin. In 2015, Woody cleared on public that I had thought I would meet with my wife accidentally.

In 1997 , Woody married. He said ,I was not sure about the relationship would be serious. As ,they start to live together. He told to NPR, when I started my relationship with her.

I thought that it must a fling not serious. She has her own life. I never thought, it would be more than this. I am 35 years than her.

When we started to travel together and live together. We enjoyed each other’s company. As I am older than her , She never object on it.

The relationship became controversial . when Allen was in a relationship with her adoptive mother, Mia Ferrow.

Woody Allen’s daughters

Woody Allen’s daughters

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