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Why Filmmaker Michael Moore Is Optimistic About A Democratic Victory In The Midterm Elections

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Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has been emailing readers every day of the past month with a piece titled “Mike’s Midterm Tsunami of Truth” outlining his predictions for how the Democrats will fare in the upcoming midterm elections in the United States.

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“A brief honest daily dosage of the truth – and the actual optimism these realities provide us,” describes Moore’s description. Additionally, it now contradicts the majority of political punditry, which predicts a Republican victory.

Making predictions during an election year is dangerous, but it’s especially dangerous this time around since Democrats are hoping to attach Republican candidates to a divisive supreme court ruling that will eliminate federal protections for a woman’s right to an abortion. Republicans, on the other hand, are totally fixated on high inflation rates, economic difficulties, and concerns about crime rates.

But Moore’s business is now political forecasting when he correctly predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election, going against the consensus of the media and polling firms.

The emails daily emphasise his central thesis that this will be “Roe-vember.” He addressed the topic of political fatalism, notably the media narrative that the party in power must be successful, in missive #21 (Don’t Believe It), which was published on Tuesday.According to Moore, “this kind of reporting can have a startling effect; it can go inside the typical American’s skull and confuse it.” “You might start to have low spirits. You wish to give up. You begin to think that liberals are all losers. And if you don’t watch it, thinking of yourself in this way can start to bring the old story into reality.

When contacted by phone this week, Moore, 68, revealed to the Guardian that his goal is to effectively pierce herd-thinking. He cites three recent instances where political conventions were misapplied.

‘You know Kansas, right?’ I would have said to you six months ago. You’d think I had made a ridiculous comment, but it’s a hugely pro-abortion state and this summer by a margin of 60% they’re going to keep abortion legal,” he claims.

“You’d have to wonder if I was crazy if I’d told you at the same time that in the congressional race in Alaska, a hard red state, it’s not only not going to be won by a Democrat but a Native Alaskan Democrat,” the author continued.

In Boise, Idaho, an incumbent Republican candidate for the board of education who had the support of a far-right organisation, the Idaho Liberty Dogs, lost to Shiva Rajbhandari, an 18-year-old progressive activist and co-founder of the Boise chapter of the climate group Extinction Rebellion.Each time, according to Moore, the status quo was questioned.He says, “If you’d simply been paying attention in the last six months to Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska you’d have seen the red flags popping up. I have a high-school education so possibly, maybe, you shouldn’t be getting your news from me.”Moore enjoys diverging from the crowd. He is from Michigan, a state with a long history of involvement in anti-government activities.His reading is not urban-focused. Democrats had “insurrectionist envy” of the January 6 Capitol disturbance, he wrote in a previous article. “Admit to me that in that appalling moment on January 6, 2021, you were – how do I put this? – jealous that it was the fascists who had risen, and not us long before now,” he wrote. “Deep down in your soul, as you watched what your eyes could not believe was happening.” In predicting a Democrat landslide, Moore believes that he is not merely being provocative. “At the age of 68, I don’t have time to play about. I’m not kidding around.

Moore forecasts a record number of younger voters whose perspectives pundits and analysts frequently overlook will cast ballots in this election. Women were significantly and personally affected by the Dobbs ruling, if you spent any time with them. This religious decree was founded on traditional Catholic teachings.

Moore’s political ideas extend beyond just criticism of the right. Democratic errors are also readily visible. The Democratic party, he claims, is the largest obstacle to what he is doing with the series. On the US public broadcaster C-Span, he has been monitoring Democratic gubernatorial and state election discussions.It’s quite discouraging, and even I would start to wonder how we’re going to accomplish this. These are such flimsy and weak lines that the Democratic party consultants are feeding. They are not as aggressive as a Republican would be. At home, it doesn’t motivate anyone.We could be facing the Democratic party directly as we stand on the verge of a crucial election, he continues.Moore also makes the point that non-voters make up the largest political bloc in the US, not Republicans or Democrats ,a remark that is frequently emphasised but not generally taken into consideration. Moore wants to connect with this non-voting group, which has the potential to be the most powerful group but is also the most remote.

The non-voter party, according to Moore, “doesn’t see how politics benefits them; they’re disgusted with the hypocrisy, a lot with the crazy fighting that goes on, and the crazy that Trump amplified.” Moore also noted that when he turns on the TV in the evening, he doesn’t always go to a news channel but instead looks for a comedy.

The goal of Moore’s rallying cry is to persuade the sceptics.In his situation, he claims that it may be as easy as calling a distant relative to explain why voting this time is crucial and that “she can go back to non-voting after this.”

What would he, however, say to them?

Aren’t you sick of nothing getting accomplished? Bullshit, all this standstill. Give Democrats an opportunity to pass legislation and see how it turns out as one approach to break this impasse. It might not work. They might have bad ideas. But having no plan or making no decision causes paralysis and harms the nation. It would be really beneficial if we talked normally.

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