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Is It Easy to Keep Your White Shaker Cabinets for the Kitchen Clean?

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Do you have a white kitchen cabinet but step back at the item of maintaining them? But white kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look bright and clean. So, if you take a plunge and get a white kitchen, you need to know how to maintain them. The yellow stains might be a nightmare to clean.

A picture of white shaker cabinet’s might look glorious like no one cooks in them but the harsh reality is that it is sure to be scum with stains, grime, grout, and spills. So, how can you keep your kitchen cabinets clean? Learn the route cause of the problem and find out the solution.

1.   Protect Them from Sunlight Sunlight

Sunlight can cause your white shaker kitchen cabinets to turn yellow, even if it’s laminate. But the problem is you cannot block complete sunshine from the kitchen. If you do, things can start to get nasty. Hence, the best solution is to protect the kitchen from direct sunlight. You can do that with the help of blinds and curtains.

2.   Run the Exhaust Fan While Cooking

When you have to maintain white shaker style cabinets, prevention is the best approach. If you can avoid making big messes, it can be easier to keep things clean. Surely, you can’t just stop cooking. However, you can prevent grease build-up on surrounding areas and backsplash. One way to do that is to keep the exhaust fan on whenever you cook. As a result of this, the fan can absorb all cooking smells.

3.   Clean After Preparing Every Meal

To keep your white RTA cabinets wholesale clean, it is important that you clean every time you prepare a meal, particularly when you are cooking with ingredients that can lead to staining, such as tomatoes, oil, or animal fat. This is because when small drops of oil or food land on the countertops or cupboards, they can be permanently stained. When the stain is set, there is not much a professional cleaner will be able to do.

4.   Wipe the Cabinets Using Microfiber Cloth

One thing that you need to do daily to keep the white RTA kitchen cabinets clean is to wipe them regularly. It might not have a ground-breaking effect, but it works to keep them clean. Make sure that you use a clean microfiber cloth along with warm water for wiping splatters off the cabinets and walls whenever you spot them. Dirt can be easy to spot when you have white kitchen cabinets. So, cleaning them can be satisfying.

Do not use any harsh cleaning tools. As you are scrubbing the white kitchen cabinet, skip out on the brushes with hardbristles. The white color tends to emphasize scratches. So, it is better to stick to a microfiber cloth while working with stains.

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5.   Use Vinegar for Removing Stains

Dilute white vinegar with lukewarm water to remove pesky stains from white cabinets. Do this as soon as a spill or splatter occurs. Vinegar is incredible as it can easily cut through the grease. So, try to put some in a spray bottle. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar to clean up the cabinets or backsplash. In case you have a marble counter, avoid using vinegar on them, rather choose a cleaning product that is good for natural stone.

6.   Avoid Using Too Much Water

When you are wiping down white cabinets, avoid soaking the sponge or cloth. It should be damp and not dripping wet. Keep in mind that excessive water can damage the paint finish of white kitchen cabinets. In case you have MDF cabinets, water might get trapped in the corners and lead to warping. Make sure you squeeze the sponge or cloth properly to remove excess water.

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