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What Must You Do To Sell Jewellery Online In 2022?

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Are you concerned about how financial emergencies will affect your family? In times like these, one can think of selling off their jewellery, whether gold or silver, in exchange for cash.

Historically, gold has been seen as a safe haven asset, especially during economic turbulence. Thus, individuals and businesses choose to invest their money in gold rather than other assets.

Gold is considered safe because its value is stable over time. If inflation rates rise, gold prices tend to increase in line with them, thus ensuring investors get some return on their investments. During financial crises, gold demand increases. It means higher supply, therefore raising prices.

However, selling jewellery is never a simple task. It requires patience, time and skill to get the maximum price from online gold buyers. If a person wants to ensure they receive the highest amount possible for their precious items, follow these tips to sell them successfully.

What steps are necessary to sell jewellery online?

To sell jewellery online in 2022, one needs to follow the below steps:

1. Find the right buyer online

The process of selling gold online starts with finding the right buyer who can pay well for the precious metal. There are various online gold buyers around, and finding the right one is crucial.

One needs to choose a buyer based on their reputation.

To find the best buyer, one must research online, compare gold buyers, read online reviews, etc.

Muthoot Gold Point can be the best choice if you wish to sell gold online and avail a doorstep collection facility. They offer a Mobile Van service making the entire process hassle-free. They possess cutting-edge technology to verify the gold’s weight and purity. The gold valuation procedure is conducted in the presence of sellers to achieve ultimate efficiency. It guarantees that sellers obtain the best price as quickly as possible.

2. Retain bills

The next essential step in selling jewellery online is retaining bills.

Retaining bills means maintaining the original documents showing the precious metal’s ownership. Make sure that these bills are kept safe and secure. If a buyer requests a bill, the seller must present it, confirming that they are the owner.

3. Check the purity of the jewellery

Once the seller has decided where to sell the jewellery, they must check the purity of their jewellery before selling it.

Gold prices vary depending on its purity. Pure gold costs much higher than impure gold, so sellers need to check the purity of the gold before offering it.

Inspect the jewellery to ensure they bear the hallmark or are completely 24-carat gold. The gold in the jewellery will have at least 91.6% pure gold if it is 916 hallmarked; else, it must have been combined with alloy and used to manufacture ornaments.

4. Know the worth of the jewellery

The next step is to find the worth of the jewellery. Knowing the purity and market price of the gold enables sellers to get the most money for their gold jewellery.

5. Sell the jewellery

After studying the jewellery trends and knowing the current market condition, one can decide the best time to sell the jewellery.

After completing all stages, sellers can work with reliable buyers to acquire fast cash for their requirements.


Demand for precious metals is driven by both economic growth and political stability. In times of recessionary conditions and high unemployment rates, consumers tend to increase their savings. As a result, gold has become an attractive investment option. Gold also makes a good hedge against inflation.

Thus, if you plan to sell your gold jewellery, it might be wise to check the current prices and ask someone who knows about the industry to get the best deal.

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