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What Makes SEO So Difficult?

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The world is growing digital. From businesses to social work, everything has been shifted to digital platforms. If you too want to keep your business growing, you need to develop it on the digital level. It is also crucial to compete and defeat your opponents. If you don’t do so, you will no longer be able to compete with your opponents. 

The only option to grow your business is to make a website and start dealing with online customers. Digital marketing too will start from the website and then you have to involve social media platforms. However, your website will be useless unless you optimize it for search engines. SEO of your website will make it visible and increase organic traffic to your website. But SEO is not everyone’s piece of cake. You need to hire a search engine optimization expert in New York City

Are you too wondering why SEO is so difficult? Don’t worry! We will tell you about the factors that make it difficult. Following is complete detail about such factors.

Continuous Updates

Every search engine wants to give an excellent experience to its users. Therefore, it always makes updates and alterations to make things easy for users. For a better understanding, let’s take the example of Google, the biggest search engine of today’s era. Every year Google makes 500 to 600 changes to its algorithms and other features. 

Its purpose is to give a better user experience every day. If we roughly estimate it, then it will be almost 2 changes per day. So, Google will change its standard, algorithms, and other characterization options twice a day and you have to accept and follow these changes. You have to design your website and list data according to updates. Receiving and following some new guidelines every day will make SEO an effort-requiring task.

Writing Great Content

Your content is the key thing to making your website search engine optimized. You have to maintain a good quality of content to attract people to it. You also have to provide authentic information and guides to maintain the traffic and reputation of your site. Furthermore, you also have to find out about the topics that your audience is willing to read. 

From finding the topic to generating the content, all things are very difficult. It will take a lot of your time and effort. You also have to spend hours searching for legit information. Organic placement of keywords in the content is also required to grab the attention of people and make them read your content. This will provide you with maximum chances of converting them into your customers.

Thinking Out of the Box

People can find the same information on more than one website. Most of the topics are very common and every website has some information about them. Then what you should do to make people prefer your website instead of others? The answer is very straightforward. You just need to think out of the box. People will get bored after seeing similar information on all websites. 

You just need to provide something new. For that purpose, you have to think beyond the square. You can apply this rule in two ways. Firstly you think of some new information regarding the same topic. It will make your content stand out from the others. Secondly is to think of some uncommon topics. It will be hard for you or your team to think of something innovative every day. 

Using Outside Resources

If you are willing to SEO while confining to the website only, then you are making a great mistake. A website alone cannot do much for you. You need to use other resources as well. Some of these resources will be related to content and management. These could be Google My Business, Bureau, etc. You also need to use outside resources for the advertisement of your content. 

This will help you to grab people from social media platforms as well. You need to be active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You have to hit the pain point of your audience to make them visit your website and read your full content. So managing all these things will make SEO a difficult process.


It may not be that difficult to handle the above factors independently. However, for SEO, you need to focus on every factor at the same time. And this is the real struggle of SEO. Hire experts for that purpose and make this all-important aspect of digital marketing easy for your site. Otherwise, you will lag behind when it comes to search engine rankings and your business will bear the brunt of it. 

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