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What Does A Perfect Gojek Clone App Look Like?

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Let’s build a top-notch on-demand multi-service digital platform with the Gojek Clone app. But what is a Gojek-like app, and why do customers love it so much? It is a ready-to-launch multi-service app that allows users to book a taxi ride, opt for doorstep deliveries, conduct a video consultation, and more. The clone app script is made with robust technologies, embedded with exciting features, and it can easily upscale your business. 

Multiple Services of On-demand App Solution 

The powerfully built on-demand application offers numerous services on a single platform. What can be better than downloading a single app and getting everything you need on the same platform? Well, here are a handful of services customers can find on the app: 

  • Book a taxi ride

Users can book an Uber-like taxi ride on the app. A few taxi services available on the platform are – ride-hailing, carpooling, rentals, corporate rides, and so on. 

  • Food delivery 

The Gojek Clone app offers exceptional food delivery services, and everyone loves it. Customers can place their order by searching for the item/restaurant on the app, filtering the choices, and so on. 

  • Online video consultation 

Your customers will love this service because it allows them to consult with professionals like doctors, lawyers, tutors, yoga instructors, etc. The good part is they can sit at home, schedule the consultation, and pay for the same online!  

Yes! You heard that right! No need to visit the professionals physically. 

  • Service bidding 

Bid for service is a new service. Yet, the customers love it because they can stay indoors and start negotiating with local handymen like carpenters, home painters, electricians, plumbers, etc. 

  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 

These are the two famous delivery services that customers have never seen before. Delivery Genie is a personal shopper who fetches the item you’ve ordered, purchases it, and delivers it to your doorstep. 

On the other hand, the Gojek Clone app Delivery Runner runs errands for customers. For instance, they can deliver a lunch box, files, and much more to an address you give. 

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What Should Your Gojek Clone App Script Include?

If you are looking for a perfect on-demand multi-service app solution, here are a few things that should be included in your app. Have a look at them: 

  • Licensed source code 

Get a lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no additional cost. The source code can be customized easily whenever and however the entrepreneur wants to. 

  • Integrate multiple currencies and languages 

The script can easily integrate more than ten multiple languages and currencies into the application. With the help of this feature, entrepreneurs can expand to other countries without worrying about constructing different apps every time! 

  • Complete white-labeling 

The Gojek Clone app can be white-labeled easily. Entrepreneurs can use their own brand name and logo. Moreover, entrepreneurs can choose to change the color theme of the app and website. 

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement 

A non-disclosure agreement is strictly followed so that no one can ever come to know what brand and logo does the entrepreneur own. 

Alternate Attractions of Gojek Clone App 

Mentioned here are some of the other attractions of the clone app script you want to purchase:

  • Booking through the website and manual calls 
  • 82+ on-demand services in a single platform 
  • COVID-19 safety features 
  • Admin Panel 
  • Separate dispatcher panel 

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In conclusion: 

Summing up, one thing is clear – the Gojek Clone app can make you a millionaire in no time. However, before you begin app development, look at the different services and features of the app. See what suits your business requirements the most and integrate them only when you make the right choice.

Launch the app today and become a millionaire in absolutely no time!

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