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What are the uses of Digital Vacuum Regulator Equipment?

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Looking for a digital vacuum regulator? Well, it doesn’t matter for what purpose you are going to use the vacuum pressure controller, it is important that you know about the different uses of the regulator and for that, you should visit genndih.com for more details. Lucky for you, in this post, we are going to mention some of the most popular uses of the digital regulators that you should know about before you make a purchase.

Most common uses of Digital Vacuum Regulator Equipment!

Out of many uses, here we have listed out the most popular ones for your knowledge:

  • The Vacuum Pressure Regulator is used in the Food Packaging Process

The electronic vacuum regulator equipment is commonly used in the food packaging process. You would be surprised to know that digital vacuum regulator devices are used for modified atmosphere packaging. This is the type of packaging in which the air is taken away from the package and an inert gas is replaced with the air. This ensures that the life of the product is increased without damaging its quality. Vegetables, fish, meat, and other types of fresh food are packed with the help of these regulators.

  • The Vacuum Pressure Regulator is used for Material Handling

Here you should also know that the digital vacuum regulator is also being used today in the material handling applications. You must know that in material handling a single vacuum pump relief valve is used that is responsible for supplying an accurate amount of vacuum to various locations that have to be utilized in the handling process. In the past mechanical regulator devices were used for material handling but today people avoid using the mechanical devices because they are not easy to use and reliable when it comes to providing an accurate supply of vacuum level.

  • Vacuum Regulators are used for High Speed Canning

Here you should also know that the modern digital vacuum regulator devices are also being used for high speed canning. For this kind of application a proper distributor vacuum control valve is needed because of its accuracy. The regulators can easily help you pour liquid into a can in the shortest amount of time. Using regulators can help you limit any loss or splashes outside the container when filling cans. The digital regulators have thick and strong walls which avoid any loss of vacuum pressure.

  • Vacuum Pressure Regulators are used for Semiconductor Fabrication 

Controlling and maintaining the vacuum pressure stability of a process is crucial for the production of high-yield semiconductor devices. This can be done by digital vacuum regulator devices. Techniques such as SAPCVD, LPCVD, and etch work best with well-defined process forces, and it is essential to properly maintain and vary process pressure in a controlled and consistent manner. In addition, advanced methods such as ALD require emptying the negative pressure relief valve during gas switching. Valve control to regulate the vacuum pressure required for these and other processes can be achieved using closed-loop control of the various variables that affect the vacuum process.

These are some of the common uses of digital vacuum regulators!

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