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Tomika Miller meets with George Floyd’s ex-Roxie Washington for the first time

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Tomika Miller, who is a widow of Rayshard Brooks met first time with George Floyd’s ex-Roxie Washington. She met with her ex-partner of Floyd and called her a spiritual sister who knows her deep pain.

While talking with CBS Tomika Miller, the mother of four children said, I don’t know the justice, she was jailed after the death of her husband who was an Atlanta cop. She has released from jail on bail earlier this month. Garrett Rolf killed Brooks when he was running away from officers in Wendy’s drive-through.

The death of Floyd on May 25 and Brooks on June 12 created stress in the United States over police brutality and racism. The two widows met the next day after their deaths to share their sorrow. Although we met in this way said Washington, the mother of six years old Floyd’s daughter Guyana.

Washington said I hope we will pass through this grief. Rayshard Brooks’s widow met with Roxie Washington their former colleague of Floyd. Tomika Miller said she is a spiritual sister who knows her pain truly. Brooks was living with his wife Tomika Miller and children while Floyd was living with his daughter Guyana.

On Tuesday’s footage released, Tomika was very sad and heartbroken because she was not expecting anything. This incident was very hard for her to absorb the pain. She said I was not expecting anything like that, I never thought about it.

Floyd’s former parent Washington said when I saw you and your children it was very painful. I wanted to encourage you but I had no words to minimize your pain. Rolf, who shoot Rayshard Brooks was released on bail from Guinness County Jail in July.

On his release, the hisow of Brooks said, we are not feeling safe. When it was asked, do you want to put Rolf behind bars of jail? She said I don’t know what type of law holds on him now. But I know he kicked my husband when he was taking his last breath. It’s immoral to behave with a dying person. So, tell us what is justice asked by the judge? She said, I don’t know because it is not justice.

Atlanta Police Department issued a video taken by the body camera in which Rayshard Brooks was talking with the shooter Rolf in the parking area of Wendy’s restaurant last Friday, June 12.

Tomika Miller

The ex-partner of Washington died when Chauvin, a policeman pressed his knee against his neck for eight minutes. Although Floyd was held in handcuff. Derek Chauvin faced a charge of second degrdegree second murder while Garrett Rolf was involved in charges including seriousrders and in the Brooks murder.

Although Brook married Tomika Miller he was living with his girlfriend Natalie White, he told the policeman that he came here to get food for his girlfriend. Police claimed that his girlfriend Natalie White is also involved in those who set fire to a fast-food restaurant on June 13.

In the following month, she was arrested on suspicion of arson while he is free on bond now. White’s attorney Drew Findling told Daily Mail.com that Brooks’s wife Miller was saddened at his death while his girlfriend Natalie was in police custody.

Brooks did not give more information to his wife Miller about his relationship with his girlfriend
Natalie White. At a family conference Tomika carried her two-year-old daughter Memory on
Monday, June 15, 2020, in Atlanta.

Roxie Washington, the ex-partner of Floyd was amusing his daughter Guyana when she was attending her father’s funeral on June 9 at The Fountain of Price Church in Houston. There was a first-degree count of setting fire in the Atlanta Wendy’s in return for shooting her boyfriend Brooks.

She can be shown in the video tweeted by the Atlanta Fire Rescue. It was announced a full scholarship by Texas Southern University for Floyd’s daughter Guyana. Guyana said, my father had changed my world, I know there are some good policemen and some are bad.

Floyd’s daughter Guyana has been offered a full scholarship to Texas Southern University (TSU). Washington said the young man told him: ‘Daddy changed the world. I’m sure there are some good cops and some bad cops.

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