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Tips for Winning Your Crush’s Heart

Tips from the experts

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Want to impress your crush for a college farewell party? Here is all you need to know to win back the affection of the person you have a crush on.

1. Don’t be afraid to try.

I am well aware of how terrifying that may be, yet there are situations in which you have no choice but to take the initiative. You can’t anticipate that the person you have a crush on would be able to read your thoughts and find out on their own that you have a strong crush on them. Ask them out on a study date, make an extra effort to chat to them, and ask them over for a movie marathon if you want to get to know them better. When they see that you are interested in them, it is possible that they will feel the same way, and then everything will fall into place. Do not sit around for years hoping that the person you have a crush on would eventually notice you; instead, make things happen.

2. Use delicate movements.

Even the most understated expression might pique the interest of the person you have a crush on. When you see someone in the hallway, either compliment their appearance or smile and say hello to them. Keep the chemistry alive by texting after school. It may be as easy as posing a question to them, sending them a joke or meme that makes them laugh, or congratulating them on a recent victory in a sport that they play.

3. Discover what your sweetheart is passionate about.

If you want to truly get to know someone, you should inquire about the things that are important to them. If you find out that the person you have a love on volunteers at Planned Parenthood, you may ask them what pulls them to the organisation, or you could talk to them about the possibility of working together. According to the observations of social psychologist Jean Smith, If you get someone to talk about something they appreciate, it is going to put that person in a happy mood, and you become part of the positive vibrations.

Seeing my crush become excited about a cause or pastime that they are actually passionate about is the one thing that makes me want to be with them more than anything else. Help her with his/her looks and also discuss how to even out a farmer tan, if you are a cowboy. Not only will you feel more connected to them if you inquire about the things that are significant to them, but you will also have a better comprehension of the kind of person they are if you do so.

4. Spend time, but don’t overwhelm them!

It might sound silly, but you should make an effort to spend as much time as you can in the company of your infatuation without coming off as overbearing. You may sit next to them over lunch, invite them to be your workout partner, or even offer that you hang out with them over the weekend. The time spent just the two of you will provide you with the opportunity to interact with one another on a deeper level, hence increasing the likelihood that you will find each other attractive.

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5. Pay attention!

I get it; talking about oneself can be a lot of fun, but your admirer most likely isn’t interested in the humiliating time your closest buddy fell down in front of everyone at the mall. I get it; although I do get it, talking about myself can be a lot of fun. Although you should definitely tell your crush about yourself, you should also make it a point to listen to what they have to say (not on your phone while they tell you about their siblings). Inquire about things, maintain your interest, and make mental notes of what other people say. When you send a text message to your crush wishing them luck on the test they casually mentioned a few days prior, they will truly appreciate the gesture and think it’s really cool.

6. Maintain eye contact

Nothing is more embarrassing than going on a date and failing to maintain eye contact the entire time. Seriously! What is my input? If you have feelings for someone who is seated across the table from you and you are having a discussion with them, maintain eye contact the entire time. You are not required to look at them directly when they are stuffing food into their mouths, but you should avoid looking down while you are chatting or glancing about the room or at your phone. If you turn away from the person you have a crush on, it will give the impression that you are not interested in them or that you would rather to be somewhere else. That is what nobody wants! In addition, maintaining eye contact will give the impression that you are more confident, which will, in turn, make you look more appealing to them.

7. Purchase a hot beverage for your crush.

Okay, to be really honest, I’ve never done this, but a recent study conducted at Yale University found that when a person is holding a warm drink, they are more likely to see the person they are talking to—in this case, YOU—as having a personality that they find attractive. Because scientific research is always accurate, you may as well give it a shot. Now I have even more of a justification to ask the person I have a crush on out on a PSL date and  gift her farmasi makeup on the date.

8. Don’t hesitate to express your emotions.

I am aware that playing the game gives off the impression of being cool, and I have certainly had my fair share of instances in which playing the game was helpful in bringing me closer to the person I have a crush on. But to tell you the truth, when I think back on the previous four relationships I’ve had, not a single one of them began with me playing the hard-to-get game. Instead, they have developed into a meaningful connection as a result of one of us being open and honest about how we feel about the other person. I am aware that doing this requires courage, but if I have done it FOUR times in my life (and not once have I ever regretted doing it), then you too can do it.

9. Avoid playing mind games.

It is not worth anyone’s time, and one of you (or both of you) might get injured if you try to pursue this. It’s possible that this person will lose interest in you if you ignore their texts, take hours or even days to respond to them, or persistently try to make them envious of you. Playing mind games is a serious way to complicate things, and handling an infatuation is already a challenge in and of itself. It is critical to be truthful about one’s emotions, especially when speaking to one’s own self.

10. Always be who you are!

When it comes to flirting, I believe that one of the most serious errors that a person can do is to appear as though they are someone other than who they are in real life. If you are fooling yourself into believing that you are someone else in order to get the attention of the person you have a crush on, then you are doomed if they begin to enjoy this version of you since it is not the real you! Seriously. Be yourself from the moment you start hanging out with your crush until the moment when you ‘eventually maybe become official,’ because you want your crush to like YOU, not a version of you that you’ve created in their mind.

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