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The pregnant fiancee Katie Goodland admires his king Harry Kane after winning the world for England.

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When this news arises that England has won the world cup against Tunisia with 21 scores.
A war broke out in the country. But he started his campaign in a different style. This happened on Monday night in England.


Russia was hosting the world cup. The wives and girlfriends of every player were sitting in the stands. Players were sharing their love through flying kisses and many other ways with their partners. But it was a dead shock for me to stay away. I was wishing to encourage my fiance on the ground. It was my utmost desire to see him during winning moments.

I want to jump with joy when the victory has done. Nothing can pay this loss for me. My
pregnancy was an issue for me to stay away from the ground.


She praised her husband in a different style by saying him as ‘King’. Katie said, it was amazing when he scored two goals for his country. He became the hero of the moments. England hit the history by two scores. These two goals scored by my king Harry Kane.
I want to share these moments with him, but due to pregnancy, I watched match at home.

Katie Goodland
Katie shared his post on Instagram after winning the World Cup. She shared her frustration for missing the winning moments.

Katie shared a photo of her newborn baby lvy. She shared this daughter with Harry Kane. Katie blessed her fiance with best wishes and regards. When she shared her post with the reference of captain Kane. The caption of the post was “Let’s go captain, boys.”
The next post came after full time on her TV. She posted it on her TV when Kane was
interviewing about his world cup winning history.


Katie shared another post with the caption Yes Boys by adding a king’s banner.
After their 2-1 win over Tunisia. Katie, named her fiance as king of the game for hitting two
goals. Harry hit a final goal that leads them over in Tunisia. The match tied with equal
number of scores. But in the moment, Harry hit second goal and make an England winner of the world cup.

Katie Goodland


Katie said I could not  watch the match live because of my pregnancy. But I prayed for my dude. Katie shared a video clip of a second goal. This goal was the most important from the other goals because the match was going to tie. Kane hit this goal in injury time of the match. Katie and Harry expecting second child now. The Superstar has justified this news on Twitter in January.


Beautiful Lvy is going to be an older sister of our second child. In Volgograd, Katie again shared her sad feelings. She said, it was scared to me that I could not see him live with other wives and girlfriends. The couple had already announced their engagement last year in January. When they share their photos on the beach.


Now fans are waiting excitedly and hoping that England will continue their winning momentum in the pole their winning streak in the group stage against Panama on Sunday.
This match will be more important to play against Belgium in the  next round.

Katie Goodland

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