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The last Soviet leader “Mikhail Gorbachev” has died at 92

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The BBC News reporters Matt Murphy and Robert Greenall reported that the last leader of the Soviet Union has died. He died at the age of 91 on 30 August 2022. The West appreciates him because of his incredible efforts for peace. But he has not had much worth at home. Mikhail Gorbachev was the only man who brought the Cold War to stability. This great man strengthens in 1985 and introduced many useful reforms. Further, he opened his state to the world.


His efforts could not stop the slow collapse of the union while many Russians were against him. They have condemned him for years of unrest. His demand was very high in the West as the UN chief said, Mikhail,had changed the course of history. But Russian was not much satisfied with him. Antonio Guterres, UN Security General added that the world has lost Diamond. He said Mikhail Gorbachev was a towering global leader, multilateral, and tireless champion of peace. The world has orphans by his death, he said. Further, he said Mikhail was a superb politician in the world.

Mikhail was admitted to the Moscow hospital where he took his last breath. He was suffering from a chronic disease and serious illness. Within a year, had been in and other out of the hospital due to bad health. According to an international report sported, him as in hospital due to kidney disease in June. At least he died in the Moscow hospital. In Moscow’s Novodevichy cemetery, Mikhail will lay to rest. There are several well-known Russians well-known resting here at Novodevichy cemetery. But it’s not sure so far his burial will be official.


Russian President Vladimir feels sorry about this huge loss. He shares his deep heartbroken condolences by saying Mr. Gorbachev had a huge impact throughout history. Further, he said, his reforms, were necessary and he tried his best to resolve the current problems. Vladimir Putin said I appreciate his reforms toward the peace of the world.

They met last time in 2006 and they had a strained relationship. Mr. Mikhail was not happy with Vladimir Putin’s decision against Ukraine. However, he condemned the Russian onslaught against Ukraine. In 2014, he supported the annexation of Crimea.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said I appreciate his solid determination, integrity, and courage. He said Mr. Gorbachev had set an example to all of us by opening up Soviet society. Mikhail Gorbachev opened this society when Putin’s aggression in Ukraine was at its peak. US President Joe Biden admired him as a“rare leader”,

Mr. Mikhail was a superb politician. Joe Biden said he had the vision to see a different future from the Cold War uncertainties. Ursula van der Leyen who is European Commission President added her condolence by saying, he was a “trusted and respected leader”. I appreciate his decision to open the way for a free Europe.


In 1985 he became General Secretary of the Soviet Community Party and became a real leader of the country. He was the youngest figure of the ruling council, which is famous as the Politburo. His age was 54 at that time and he was a new hope after several aging leaders. Konstantin Chernenko who was his forefather, he served only one year and died at the age of 73. Mr. Mikhail had such a profound impact on the work order. Because he did not be strengthened to decline Soviet hold on Eastern Europe. However, he wanted to uplift his nation.




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