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The Kids and the Husband Found Helen breathless during flight

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It is unexpected news for the listeners that Helen, who was known as a motivated personality died when she was traveling on a flight. The mother with her family was traveling to the United  Kingdom from Hong Kong.  The Source says she died in her sleep during the flight.

According to the GoFundMe campaign, Helen Rhodes, a midwife, was found unaccountable during the flight and failed to revive her.

Rhodes’ body remained in its seat with the family until the plane landed in Germany. She was lifeless and her body stops the move. A friend says on a campaign page her children were feeling sad and they were being emotional to see her mother who was lying lifeless in front of them.

The flight took 8 hours to land. The family explains that these hours were very difficult for us, we cannot explain our sorrow in words. The kids were crying with sorrow.The husband shared that when he found my loving wife lifeless I was going to be mad with mourning. There were a lot of thing poignant in my mind that it can happen. It was unimaginable for the husband and his kids.

Helen Rhodes, 46, died during a flight with her family from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom on Aug. 5

No doubt Helen was a devoted wife and mother.

The travel to Hong Kong proved ghastly for the family. The loss of losing the mother was unimaginable. The source tells, that after landing in Germany, They kept Rhodes’ body in Frankfurt while her husband, Simon, and children, Nathan and Emma, continued their trip to the United Kingdom.

When the family decides to travel to the United Kingdom from Hong Kong Helen’s heart was beating fast she shared she was feeling nervous, but also excited because she was to see her family after a long time. As she had not seen her family or aging parents since the pandemic began,” Jeje wrote.”Sadly, she never got to see them again.”

In a statement to The Guardian, a spokesperson for the agency said they are “supporting the family of a British woman who died on a flight to Frankfurt and is in contact with the local authorities.” They repeated the statement to Insider.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the campaign had raised just over $29,000 to support Rhodes’ family.Andrew Spires and Rhodes had been working in a community since they were living in Hong Kong. Andrew Spires said she was the most caring, generous, and thoughtful personality.”Jeje said in sorrow “We can only hope that she knew how much she meant to us and how her void could never be filled. No doubt she was very important to us.

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