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The fanatic in the stand-off threaten violence against the police

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November 23, at 2.20 pm Mahopac officer answered to a report . This report was about to an
military veteran Alexander Booth 28. A domestic incident was mentioned in this report.
There was a town in New York. It was known one of the best town of it’s time . After the second
alternation of activists, it became the battlefield after stand-on incident there.
Mahopac officer responded to a report of this domestic incident related to a military veteran. The
town’s Police Chief Michael Cazzari told to Putnam Daily Voice. One of my officers listened a
clear voice of gun from a house of the town. He called for the Carmel.
Booth was acting churn the backup had covered . He hindered himself while going into his
apartment’s garage.

According to police related to this incident. They said ,the wrong news were spreading about this
incident on social media and on electronic media. While concerning the security issue, the
neighbors were evacuating their home. There was not anything like that as discussed on social
Infect, Booth was a military crop. He has served in Afghanistan operation. When the incident
took place, he kept himself in and locked the apartment. On his Instagram account, Whiskey
Worrier 556, he broadcasted the stand-off incident live. On live video, he talked about the second
amendment lobbyists. Then, he got favor after claiming that police used Red Flag rule to take
their weapons.
Booth referred the term red coats which is an abusive term for police while standing-off from
them on 23 November.
Red Flag is a law that hold on in sensitive situation. Including New York ,this law holds on
many other states. This rule allows judge to take hold on any kind of firearms that are suspect for
threatening them.
According to connectingvets.com, in the video that was rounding on YouTube. You can clearly
listen that Booth was speaking about boogaloo . This term is a gesture towards armed uprising
against US government.
Right-wing organizations only use this phrase and gun holder. But Booth called red coats to the
officers at the scene.
Some followers were posting Booth’s home address. They were trying to say that police to tried
to put red flag on Booth’s house. It was a serious issue on social media related to a patriot one.
The social media followers were saying that if there are some patriot of the area must go to help
him. Go there as soon as possible.
In his video . He was say that , Is it right to arrest a person.
Booth was saying, * serious question from the blue boys.
*Thin blue line
* High quality magazine
*30 rounds of standard ability.
Booth was an experienced army soldier who had completed his mission in Afghanistan.
He shared his stand-off with police live on his Instagram account.
Last time , according to police. They said ,we saw the former crop in
acerbity before coming toward his garage apartment and stopped there.
Many social media users favored him as cruel addicted. Some of them posted his home address
on social media. He said , people around the must go for his help again the police. At the end, he
said people join him with their guns again the area police. Discover exciting Instagram Stories on InstaStories.Watch. Check out Picuki for a unique experience.

“It’s nice to know that the founding fathers won’t be on you. It’s a legitimate question for anyone
who wants to answer.”
In the video , he was wearing an army uniform. There was a combat sharp knife spotted on his

In fact, he representing himself as an army crop there.
Booth was trying to say that police was using red flag law to snatch his magazine. He said , there
were 30 rounds in my magazine. But there scene was looking different.
Booth said confession came from tortures and I had gotten it through Afghan mission.
He said you think they will come in a castle where guns are shooting.
Infect, they are going to show his work and arrest him without constructional rights.
In return, he said you didn’t understand my strength ,red coat.
In a video , one person was posting Booth’s address and saying that pick up yours guns and go
to Mahopac to fight against the police.
He said , will Mahopac be the new Ruby Ridge.
In last post he as will be bloodshed. I want to get a final written proof from the police. As long as
,they didn’t give me a written proof ,there will be gunshot.
They must clear on writing paper ,there will not any kind of blame on me.
His followers and fans filled the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office with calls , emails, disrupting
documents. Daily Beast reported that.
Negotiators contacted Booth and, after six hours of negotiations, managed to persuade him to
surrender without incident.
The ambassadors contacted him and convinced him. Round about six hours later Booth agreed.
He was ready to put down his weapon with of any incident.
Police replied to Booth’s home a domestic incident. They said his wife involved in this matter.
Police stated that Booth was suffering with some mental problems. No action will be taken on
his social media posts. He was not a normal person at all that time .
But later by Town Justice Jacobellis issued an arrested warrant to Booth. This case was connected
with his previous domestic incidence.
Booth was involved in theft, criminal behavior, increasingly harassing criminal. He appeared
Carmel Town Justice Court.
According to his posts about firearms. All his posts were wrong .
There was nothing items like that. No weapon found there.
Putnam County Sheriff Robert Langley said to the Daily Beast that the supported and followers
made the matter hard. This was a hard and challenging for law and enforcement agencies to treat
with him.
This support turn the matter in wrong direction.
But later he agreed with ambassadors and put down his weapon. Langley emailed it.
We sorted out this problem by involving social media for secure solution and the social media
were only provoking Mr. Booth.
Booth is suffering with mental illness,
“She is a crisis victim, she has a mental illness, she has problems and she doesn’t need people
on social media to tell her that her rights are being violated. Carmel Police Chief Michael
Cazzari told to news reporter. He said Booth needs mental treatment.

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