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The daughter of Barbara Bregoli said to her mom Cash Me Outside pays off mom’s $65,000 mortgage

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A new story revealed about mom Barbara Ann Bregoli. The mom Barbara Ann Bregoli’s daughter blessed her with a gift. It was very pleasant gift for her she feel proud at the gift. The mother said thanks and shared her feeling with the expression of gratitude.

The Instagram followers were shocked about the gift they said we are in wait to see the gift. The Cash Me girl Danielle Bregoli shared she has a very generous lady who is not except her mother she is the on and only lady whose she idealize.

The famous star is only 14-years-old in her young age she earn fame like her mom. Its breaking news for all instagram users the daughter Danielle Bregoli presented her beautiful and the most generous mom Barbara Ann Bregoli with a check for $65,000 check off to pay off her moartage.

This breaking news broadcast by TMZ.

According to TMZ the mother’s eyes fill with tears when she start to read card.They shared the video of  the singer generosity.

It was Friday morning when the daughter was looking very excited because of her fame so she give her mother a very generous Christmas present.

Daniel Brigoli, whose rapper is Bhad Bobby, told his mother, “Marry Christmas, Beach

He then added: “Here you go

Her mother – who has painted her platinum locks brunette – was shocked and said, “Are you serious

After the 2016 appearance on Dr. Phil, they are now both on better terms.

The mother brought her daughter to the show talking about her ‘alleged behavior

Good daughter: The 15-year-old star offered his mother, Barbara Ann Brigitte, a check for 65,000 checks to pay for his mortgage

During his interview, the teenager said: ‘I’m good .Hold on, how much benefit? How to bow

Barbara Bregoli

It went viral and made the singer star.

Daniel avoided prison time this summer and landed on a five-year trial after being found guilty of a number of charges, including great theft.

After proving the crime of large theft, heavy theft auto, possession of marijuana and filing a false police report in late June ، He was convicted on Tuesday in Delary Beach, Florida.

The state recommended that Briggs remain in Palm Beach County, but is allowed to complete probation in California, where she now lives with her mother, Barbara Brigitte.

The allegation was made three separate incidents last year when the girl stole her mother’s wallet ، His mother’s car and police were incorrectly called to report that his mother was using heroin.

Fame Claim: During Dr. Phil’s interview in 2016, the teenager said: ‘Cash me on Aside, how dot? How to bow down; It went viral In May 2016, a false police report was filed when a teenager demanded that his mother report a home battery.

But when the police arrived ، Brigitte accused his mother of using drugs and pointed to powdered sugar scattered on the bathroom counter, which he claimed to have heroin Is.

Brigadier later admitted that the report was incorrect. The state lawyer’s office also said that Brigoli was found in a cannabis car this year.

Her father, Era Pescowitz, attended the sentence on Tuesday and expressed his fear of her daughter’s future.

He made similar claims when he pleaded guilty to court in late June and told reporters in tears: “My daughter is being exploited. ‘She posts 24- 7. It is controlled by an alleged management team that promotes ridiculous treatment for a 14-year-old child۔

The WPBF said it also feels that it is being developed for a career in pornography by adults who only gain a new reputation Want.

According to the WPBF, Pescowitz, who works for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, claims that their parental rights have been ‘removed.

“I am the only parent in this relationship with Daniel who is trying to see the best thing for this child,” he told NBC

Since the shooting of Stardom, the 14-year-old girl has moved to Hollywood with her mother and is allegedly shooting a reality television show.

The pair also face controversy, including kicking spirits from the flight after confronting another woman. Teeners may also face additional charges for battery incidents in Lake Worth, Florida, early this year.

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