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A Swedish Model Jennifer weds with Tom Payne

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Jennifer Johanna Åkerman was born on 10 July 1989. She is now a 31-year beautiful model. She belongs to the Swedish model. She starts her career as a model, blogger, songwriter.

Now she is known as a famous singer of this era. She is the youngest sister of actress Malin Åkerman. At the age of eighteen, Jennifer Åkerman moved to Los Angeles and studied at college. She tried acting but was discovered by a modeling agency and has modeled for several brands and commercials. The modeling brought her to New York City and more modeling work.



Today we are going to discuss her married life, how she began her married life. It has been a memorable season for the famous actor and his handsome modal fiancée. The couple revealed on Instagram that 38-year-old Prodigal Son star Tom Payne decided to get married to Jennifer Akerman, 31-year-old, shortly before Christmas. Unfortunately, due to bad provision of covid Tom and Jennifer were forced to postpone their marriage, but they had made their final decision they will marry on December 21, 2020 and finally now they are able to say we ‘are getting married’ now we are bound to live as a happy couple forever. After their marriage ceremony they share their beautiful wedding Polaroid span on social media, Jennifer shared her views about her newly minted husband and told their fans about curved ball thrown at the duo by the epidemic. She wrote in the caption last April due to postpone our wedding we did not know how long the world will be under lockdown and how long the people will face this critical situation so, we felt, the time is ripe now don’t let it late more so, we did, and nowadays me with the love of my life living a happy life. She told her fans she was so excited and want to spend her rest life with her handsome guy. Mr. and Mrs. Looking so beautiful in their snap  shoot for a quick moment during their  intimate affair, Tom looks well groomed in his black color dress and Jennifer dramatic in a while Halter-necked gown.

Mr. Tom revealed that he had proposed to Jennifer for marrying him when he was working on the Walking Dead, and after proposed he appeared on the after-show, the Talking Dead.

The bride also posted an artsy picture of their gold wedding bands to social media writing: ‘You and me, me and you’.



Since the govt, Banned travel due to a coronavirus, so the Married couple was bound to spend their honeymoon duration of their local city in Los Angeles they enjoy their a lot with each other.

Tom shared his story with their follower when he was at his working site he text his girlfriend first time and now she is his wife. Jennifer has become a mother of Tom’s child Jennifer gave birth to a son.



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