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Steve’s Tyler kiss with Aimee Preston in LA

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The age difference between them is nearly 40 years. But it’s nothing except a number. They look young and energetic. The 69 years old, Tyler and 29 year old Aimee Preston reached the Red Studio in Los Angeles.

Actually, they went for Live Nation’s Annual Gala to benefit Genie’s Fund.
While walking together, He shared a kiss with his girlfriend Aimee Preston. Steve shared this at Genie’s fund On Sunday. The Aerosmith Frontman the laid foundation of the children’s charity fund.

Steve’s Tyler

This organization was set up almost three years ago. He was dressed with Steve’s organizations. The rocker Steve was wearing backless, chains and beads around his neck.
He didn’t has Buttons on his coat he had a coat with a gray color and a silky black shirt.
He dated her girlfriend who was 11 years younger than Steve’s eldest daughter. She was in a silver shinny gown. He also kissed her daughter Chelsea Anna Tallarico on her cheek.

She was wearing a leopard print gown. Other people, including Olivia Wilde was looking hot in her jumpsuit. She reached there with her husband Jason Sudeikis, who was in a navy suit. Ashlee Simpson with her hubby Evan Ross also there in attendance. Ashlee was in black and white dress while her husband was in a pure white dress. Sharon Stone 59 wore a black jumpsuit.

David Foster and his wife Kathrine McPhee were arrived there. They didn’t pose together on the red carpet. A TV host Alen Hamel was arrived at the red carpet with his wife. The 71 years old, wife with 47 years old, husband was looking gorgeous. In her short black dress. She was wearing knee high boots.

After the Grammys return to New York for the first time since 2003. Steve’s gig gives a party from the opposite shore. After approval the Steve’s hit Genie’s Got A Gun in 1989.
The purpose of this Charity organization was to protect the young sexual abused girls. To raise money and awareness for them. That was never happened before.

Pete Wentz and Spencer Smith were also there on the red carpet. They both, in casual dress. On the occasion of launching the charity organization. Tyler said, as a father and grandfather, I want to be a hope for hopeless people. I want to use my energy for valuable things.

I want to focus on valuable things in my life. In this mad world, I wish to leave  better than
my music. Through this Genie’s fund, I called those million people who were suffering with pain. I encouraged and protect them. Everyone can join me in this valuable mission.
At the occasion of 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Steve’s Tyler

After three years, all the attendees were coming with wearing white rose. This means,  to stand up with #TimeUp movement.
All the attendees were coming with the same passion as Tyler has. They all were ready to protect and serve the sexy abuse teenagers.

They all wish to leave the world with good deeds. Other attendees like Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers7. Who was looking fantastic in a short black dress and knee-high red boots. She also backed this movement with full support.

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