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Stella Tennant found as died after breaking her marriage in the age of 50 years.

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Fashion’s world is restless and irritated. It’s very hard to survive in fashion industry. But Stella
Tennant was a unique girl of fashion industry. She related to fashion industry for long period of
time. Stella worked as model for 30 years. Her catwalk exhibited on magazine covers for 30

Stella Tennant
Stella was very committed with her industry. She always fulfilled the standard and scale of
industry. Her appearance in light of matter, avoiding from party circuit and celebrity culture were
her habits.
There was nothing special for her on social media like Instagram. Stella married with French
photographer turned-osteopath David Lasnet. They didn’t bring up their children in Landon,
Paris or New York.
In fact they brought up their children is clean environment. Stella and her husband lived together
almost 20 years. In 18th century their children’s native land was an estate house in Scotland’s
Where they used to swim in rivers, grow vegetables and walk in the hills. Once she said, I need
freedom, relaxation and space to live a life according to my own desire.
Stella said ,I want to live in city.
When a journalist asked about the model. Whose cisgender pink style eradicates the roots of herelite. She ended up to enjoy the domestic life. David replied: There is nothing better than
growing old together. To destruct things is an easy but hurts a lot.
Stella tied knot with David Lasnet in a small perish church of Oxnam , Scottish border in 1999.
It revealed in August, that she had already separated quietly from her husband.
She was funded dead after five days after her 50th birthday. Her family said, it was shocking
news of her sudden death. It was really unbelievable for her family.
She was a wonderful lady. Stella inspired all of us. According to Scottish police, people called us
near a Duns village at 11:30 am on Thursday. The village is near to her home. At the spot of

Stella Tennant
death, there was nothing suspected.
The neighbors were surprised by her death news. They said, after separation from her husband.
She started horse riding and her husband went away in Edinburgh, where they had a mews
house. He continued his work as an osteopath.
Her neighbor said, she was very nice and kind hearted woman. Stella was very popular in society
because of her soft nature.
There is a picture of her catwalk on fashion ramp in 1998 while showcasing the summer
collection at Milan for Rocco Barocco brand.
Tennant was with her two daughters Cecily 9 and Jasmine 7 during a H&M campaign in 2010.
One of her neighbors said, I have met with her while she was riding. She was looking good and
chatted with me in nice mood. About Covid impact on all industries including fashion as well.
Stella said, it seemed I would not be there for catwalk when the things return to their routine.
I think I will not be able to walk again on fashion ramp. It may ,I could not perform my last
catwalk. The Covid was only thing that referred toward her worries. People all around the world
attributed her on her death.
Stella McCartney said, my lovely friend, my darling , I will miss you so much. It unbelievable
news about your death. The year ended up with shocking news of your death.
The Versace fashion house mentioned her as Gianni Versace and friend of family. We will miss
you the rest of life. May your soul rest in peace.
Alexandra Shulman, the former Vogue editor said, she was a gorgeous woman. It’s my pleasure
to work with you. She had exceptional beauty. Stella was a well devoted mother.
Stella Tennant was third of her race to be the part of British fashion mega star. The other two

Stella Tennant
were designer Alexander McQueen and fashion director Isabella. They both ended up their lives
by own.
Her death added another tragic incident in the history of one of Britain’s aristocratic families.
Stella Tennant’s father Hon Tobias was the son of 2nd Baron Glenconner. His step bother Colin
brought an island in 1958.
He bought island of Mustique and later changed it into interesting destination for the for
celebrity jet set. Specially for his close friend Princess Margaret.
Stella was the daughter of lady Emma Cavendish. Lady Cavendish was the daughter of the 11th
Duke of Devonshire. She was a member of the famous Chatsworth house in Derbyshire. Deborah
Mitford was the maternal grandmother Andrew Cavendish. The little sister of Mitford died in
Stephen Tennant was a nice uncle of Stella. He was a bright young boy in his twenties.
photographer Cecil Baton was one of his best friends.
His lover was Siegfried Sassoon a poet. He was a partial inspiration for the role of the ruined
young elite Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead.
Maybe due her blue-blooded genealogy. Stella never thought about to proceed catwalk career.
Although he has gained tremendous success. She never really liked it ever in her life.
Once Stella said , it is a hateful for me to be known as the second toff in modeling. Modeling
is only a platform where I can do everything that I really desire.
Stella was born in Landon. She brought up on a sheep farm of 1500 acre in the border. After
getting education from St Leonards School for Girls in St Andrews.
She moved to Winchester Art College to study sculpture. Stella gained a nose ring there. At her
21 birthday, she got a welding touch.
Modeling was not her department. She joined it an accidentally in 1993 after her socialite Chum
plum Sykes, who was working in Vogue.
She said to Stella that would you like to appear in an editorial spread of real people. She told to
her that it’s Anglo Saxon Attitude.
Steve Meisel was one of the most influential snappers of the time. He has shot the Madonna’s
sex book. The photographer made not only her photo as cover photo of magazine but also he
invited her to appear in shoot for Versace.
Infect he was very impressed by her glowing skin and shining blue eyes.
In an age when top models consider to be the Amazonian goddess. Her cut black hair ,weak
frames face piercings and sharp cheek. This made her something different from others.
She smiled seldom and scoffed in photographs. Then, she announced for new aesthetic and
booking started.
It seems I have a record of more walking in shows about 75 or something different. She said it
was about 20 years ago, when it was not so desperate to walk in many shows.
The main thing was how to make money. In comparison to us, today’s girls do nothing. We
used to ride on coat-tails. The late Karl Lagerfeld was her biggest champion, who signed her the
‘face’ of Chanel to replace Claudia Schiffer. Here she was as creative director on retainer of one
million dollars.
The German supermodel said, I don’t like the fact of today’s trend. You have to look like a litter
to cool off. I like to the photographers who make me to look and healthy. Stella is a clean
looking girl. That’s the decent thing to do. It should end there.
Lagerfeld replied, Claudia is in another fashion show and another time. But Stella is an amazing
model of modern days . She is trending.
Once Stella said, I prefer green wellies to Manolos. Her fellows were enjoying to drug and
coming out from nightclubs. It seems Stella was a low standard model.
Stella’s love story was amazing. Because I was started at interesting incident. When gold toothed
DJ and former graffiti artist Goldie flirted her. After that she met with David who was the
assistant of photographer Mario Testino.
The most interesting story started at the same day when Goldie was flirt me. David came and we
chatted there. She said we caught in love in first sight.
We shared our launch that day and I was feeling blush . Rice were falling through my fork.
David was sitting in front of me. I left the eating, she recalled her memory.
The couple tied knot in a local church in presence of 75 guests in 1999. They have four children
are Marcel, Cecily, Jasmine and Iris.
After short stay in New York. The couple settled down in Scottish border. Stella used to visit
family on occasions due to her modeling work .
Recently, famous fashion brands including Burberry and Victoria Beckham have made headlines
of her catwalk. She said, I think it’s the last walk here.
In an interview she said, it’s honor for me to grow old gracefully. While joking on her husband’s
request she said, I have left to dye my grey hair.
Stella said, modeling not leaving me. But I can’t color my hair to have an artificial beauty. I have
ended my career in best way. She said, don’t want to do those things that I’m not.
Stella said ,I have everything my children, husband and family. I incredibly very happy where
I’m exist. What else is more important for me.

Stella Tennant

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