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Steel ute tray fabrication

steel trays for utes

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Whenever you are talking about steel trays for utes, you are practically thinking about either black steel option or the galvanised one. Galvanised is the more expensive one and will take a bit of extra time to prepare and weld. But, before you proceed further with the steel selection, understanding how to build a steel UTE tray seems to be the primal point to focus on.

Looking for the experts

If you are not properly trained and do not have all the special tools near your hand, it is always recommended to catch up with experts to help build the steel trays for your vehicles. It is not the task of anyone and everyone, but you have to be well-trained to understand all the steps to follow. However, being the buyer, there are few things you can select beforehand, especially if you want to customise the steel trays for utes. So, let’s get started with these options now.

  •         Always opt for the right tray size to follow. Depending on the size of the UTE and how much weight it is capable of bearing, the tray size is likely to differ a lot.
  •         Tray depth is another matter of fact to consider while trying to invest some bucks on the steel version of UTE tray.
  •         Try measuring the weight and capacity of the vehicle before finalising on the weight of the steel tray that goes onto it.
  •         On an average scale, the weight will be 350kg with a steel bed and less with the wooden one.
  •         Don’t forget to focus on the type of steel you want for its manufacturing. If you are able to spend some extra bucks, a galvanised one is for you. Otherwise, black steel can also be a great steal to follow.

Don’t forget about the price point

While manufacturing steel trays for utes, you should not forget about the budget plan you are comfortable at spending. The process starts with the basic blueprint and then will end up with the final stages of joining the joints and giving a final polish. The steel trays are known for their shiny look, which makes them a great option for your UTE trucks.

So, next time you are trying to build a steel UTE tray, give your ideas to the professionals and let them handle the case on your behalf. Choose to work with the best team from Ozi4*4 right away!


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