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Sofia balbi

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During the romantic Boxing Day, Luis Suarez renewed his wedding vows with his beautiful wife
Sofia Balbi. Boxing Day was full of joy and happiness, the ceremony was fantastic with the twinkling lights of different colors. The couple wears diamond rings. Their fingers were shining light little stars. Mail online published it by Olivia Wheeler on December 27,2019. First time, they had married in 2009.


But the couple decided to make the wedding ceremony memorable for them. They were going to celebrate their 10th marriage ceremony at five-star hotel in their Homeland of Uruguay. Luis Suarez and his wife decided to celebrate this anniversary on special day that was Boxing Day on Thursday. They both were looking gorgeous and attractive  that day. This was because they wanted to renew their wedding vows.


Luis Suarez is a striker of Barcelona. He is a thirty three years old football player and his childhood love Sofia Balbi is about 30 years old. To make the decade of their marriage anniversary more memorable, Luis invited famous football players including Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. They both appeared with beautiful personal diamond rings with sweetheart’s name initials on rings.

Sofia balbi


Luis was wearing a band decorated with his sweetheart’s name initial ‘SB’. His wife Sofia was matched with a ‘LS’ version. They came and said ‘I do’ with their rings. While joining the ceremony they were coming and posing on the red carpet. There was a black wall decorated with their name, initials behind them.


Sofia was looking eye-catching in her long white off  the shoulder gown with matching jewelry around her neck. She was wearing a beautiful diamond ring in her finger. Her accessories were resembling with her dress. The beautiful hair was well set with hair locks. These all features made her beauty more sensational and stunning.


Luis was wearing blue trouser suit and resembling a waistcoat. He was wearing a dark blue tie on his white shirt. The couple was looking gorgeous on the special occasion of life. This shows that how much they are happy together in relationship. Sofia was looking stunning with hanging jeweler with white long sheer patterned gown. The ever time famous footballer Lionel Messi appeared with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and his eldest son Thiago who was about seven years. Sergio Busquets spotted with his life partner Elena Galera. Jordi Alba arrived with his life line Romarey Ventura.

Sofia balbi

The ceremony took place on the terrace and priest Juan Andres Verde took responsibility for it. It is said that the priest was a friend of the couple. At the end of the  football star talked tothe press and said, this day is very special in my life and I’m very happy. He further said, it is difficult to defend Sofia and I can’t avoid from her, before joking.


The couple is sharing three children, including Delfina 9, Benjamin,6 and Laura  1. She posted on Instagram for countdown the days of her 10th anniversary. Luis told  Liverpool Echo that Sofia was a driving hand behind my success. When I was 15, I found a girlfriend Sofia. Sofia made me realized that football was very important for me.


I was not studying and I didn’t know about my future. Football was not my favorite game,but she made me start by her motivation and love. She woke up the star inside me. Sofia escaped me out from bad company and motivated me well. Honestly, she helped me and gave me confidence to achieve the goal. That was the reason, I started to believe in myself and became an international footballer.


Sofia balbi

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