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Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua reveals she was obessed to decorate her million-dollar home

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Jamie Chua, 46-year-old, is a millionaire socialite who is famous as the ‘Instagram Queen’ of Singapore. She shared a view of her living room and  it seems she tried hard to decorate her room with $870 pillows, $2,270 throws, and a $16,400 antique suitcase.

She provoked her fans to decorate their homes too by showing them the entire view of her home in a YouTube video on May 28. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called the 45th day of the lockdown a ‘circuit breaker’, but she was busy decorating her home.

The founder of skincare line Luminous1 says ‘I know that the world is facing a more complicated and serious problem, but I am feeling a little bit uninspired today. I do little things like cooking food for myself even though it is not a very thing to do. I am also coloring my hair and trying to come back to the basics of life.’

In the YouTube video, she tells about the costs of the things present in her luxury room. The pillows on the bed cost $870 each, the blanket worth $2,270 and the cushion on the chair costs $870. In the next part of the video, she shows the tiny mosaic candles that cost $302, while the glass box on the antique trunk is worth about $16,400.

The coverings of her coffee table and blanket on her sofa costs $2,270. A limited-edition Christian Dior bike is also sitting on a stand in her living room. Jamie Chua has two children, a daughter Calista and a son Cleveland, from her ex-husband Nurdian Cuaca, the business tycoon of Indonesian.

She uses a scented candle, a birthday gift from Calista’s boyfriend, and a large Diptyque candle to lighten up her room costs $302 and $426 respectively. Jamie expresses her love for these things and seems to say These are my treasures and I am getting too addicted to them day by day.

 Jamie Chua


The fresh roses present in her luxury room are artificially enhancing its freshness and hope they will remain fresh for a  for a year. A photo from her Instagram shows three similar arrangements which cost $299, $399, and $479 respectively. The total worth of her floral props is $1,177.

She decorates her Louis Wetton padlocked trunk with a glass box with the brand’s famous ‘LV’ logo embossed on it. Jamie has that large size trunk which is no longer manufactured by the company, but some online stores sell similar pieces from the 1940s.

The total cost of these million dollars decorating things is $47,395. All these include two Hermes blankets, five Hermes pillows, a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, LV cosmetic case, a limited edition Dior bike, coffee table books, Diptyque candle, Venus et Fleurs roses, two LV glass boxes, one Fornasetti urn, three Hermes plates an,d two Fornasetti candles.

Her garden is full of lemon trees and tropical plants which enhance the beauty of her home. She also shows the most expensive item in her wardrobe which costs $33,883. It is a Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin handbag from Hermes, covered in crocodile skin and glittering with diamonds. Ms. Chua is popular to have the largest collection of Hermes bags in the world.

The most expensive piece of her jewelry is a nine diamond necklace and accordingly ‘I want to get it because it had become my obsession her so I had to take it. The exact price of her necklace is not clear, but some online centers sell the similar one for AUD 850.

 Jamie Chua

 Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua

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