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Since 2025 is the designated period for their official hiatus due to required military service, BTS

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Fans have been anticipating this news for years: BTS will take a break from performing so that the members can finish their required military service in South Korea. While millions of ARMYs wait for their return, BTS will be serving in the military.

The band’s label revealed on Monday that after each member of BTS completes their military service, the group will come back together two years later. According to a statement from Big Hit Music, group member Jin will start the procedure as soon as his schedule for his solo release is finished at the end of October. “He will next adhere to the Korean government’s enlisting process.

“Other group members intend to serve in the military in accordance with their own personal plans,”

The announcement was announced a few days after BTS performed a free concert in South Korea, their first performance there since the outbreak began.

All men in South Korea are obligated to enlist and serve in the military for at least 18 months between the ages of 18 and 30.BTS’s eligibility for enlistment has been questioned in light of the nation’s economic recovery. According to a research, three BTS concerts in Seoul in 2019 had a $860 million economic impact. BTS are estimated to be worth $3.54 billion annually to the South Korean economy by the Hyundai Research Institute.

The government amended the Military Service Act two years ago to allow individuals who have positively impacted South Korea’s reputation in the arts to postpone their enlistment for two additional years than the norm. By doing this, BTS would be able to delay their enlistment until they turn 30. The oldest band member, Jin, will be 30 this December.

The label announced that it would be dropping its demand to put off Jin’s enlistment. The other members of the group, including the youngest member Jungkook, don’t seem to be delaying their enlistment at all. Jin will begin the process after the release of his upcoming single, and the other members are anticipated to follow suit after releasing their individual solo projects.

When Jin was questioned about military service in 2020 at a news conference, he responded, “If there is a summons from my country and the timing is perfect, I will accept at any time.All of the members frequently discuss it, and we all intend to accept military service, he continued.


Suga raps, “We’ll go serve in the military when the time comes,” in the song “What Do You Think.”

Son Heung-min, a 28-year-old football player for Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korean national team, was excused from enlisting in 2018 after being a member of the squad that defeated Japan in the Asian Games final.

His exemption decreased the mandatory two-year enlistment to four weeks, which he began in April 2020 following a two-week period of isolation. After finishing it, he went back to playing football in the UK.

By sharing the news of the group’s enlistment on Weverse, a social media platform for fans, the label placed the interests of the group’s followers first. Fans guessed when their enlistment would end as the news was welcomed with a lot of emotion. And, naturally, a tonne of memes.BTS’s members aren’t fully on break just yet, either. After completing the promotion and releasing their own music projects, each member will thereafter enlist. They will then alternate, much like a relay team.

According to fan speculation, the group will all join the army by the end of 2023, with Jin leaving in the early months of 2024.There is much more to come from BTS in the years to come, according to Big Hit Music, who stated that “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is more than just a song from their most recent album.The correct figure is that BTS contributes $3.54 billion annually to the South Korean economy. This post’s earlier version misquoted this figure.

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