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Shilpa Sethi Revealed She Faced Diffculty After Her Bottom Surgery

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An Instagram model has revealed how she was unable to sit down for six months following a botched bottom surgery that cost her $60,000 to correct.

Shilpa Sethi, who is an Instagram model, revealed she wants to enhance her figure to make herself attractive.

Shilpa Sethi, expressed she had a bottom surgery. She was unable to sit down for six months. The model shared she paid $60,000 to correct it.

Shilpa Sethi, revealed she posts her pictures posing in a skimpy lingerie on her Instagram. The model confessed she wants to be famous in her fans and she hopes her followers will like her posts.

Her skimpy lingerie was looking attractive. She belongs to New Delhi. The 25 years model said, when her followers liked her posts she feels proud.

The Model boasts over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page.Shilpa Sethi, told when she was 20 years old, she first heard about the so-called Brazilian Butt Lift – where fat is transferred from the waist to the buttocks to enhance the size and roundness she wished to adopt it. Shilpa Sethi wants to make a page where she could share her X-rated snaps.

She receives fees for her X-rated snaps. She had 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page. Shilpa Sethi,  saved up the $10,000. Shilpa Sethi, 25, from New Delhi, India boasts over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page, where she posts pictures of herself posing in skimpy lingerie

Shilpa Sethi

The Indian model Shilpa Sethi, boasts over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page. She reveals she posts her pictures on her private page Onlyfans posing in skimpy lingerie. ‘I have always admired a curvy body and I was very flat at first,’ she said.

Shilpa told she had a very flat body in her 20 years old,but after her surgery now she has a curvy body. Her followers admired her when she shared her curvy body’s pictures. Shilpa expressed she did so despite her mother’s prohibition after doing this the things quickly went wrong.

She told my first surgery was botched she had faced many complications after doing her surgery. Shilpa was looking sad after her surgery because she had faced many complications. Shilpa was unable to sit down after her surgery.

On her OnlyFans page she revealed she had a curvy body, but she wished to be an attractive body so that she can earn fame she spent thousands of surgery.

She said very sorrowfully mood, I could hardly breath after my surgery.  When I felt a sharp pain in my leg I was unable to contact with my doctors immediately.

After recovering  herself, she had a second surgery. Now she was successful to get a curvy body. She enhanced her body. Shilpa also shared her pictures after her second surgery.

It was very painful, and I wasn’t able to sit on my butt for months. The final result of this surgery was not only an unbalanced rear end, but quite a pain. Now she can sit again.she shared.

Shilpa Sethi

Shilpa Sethi

Shilpa Sethi

Shilpa Sethi


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