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Shelley Malil will be come out of prison eight years after stabbing his ex-girlfriend

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Shelley Malil was in jail for eight years after hurting his ex-girlfriend by stabbing. Now, the criminal is going to be free from jail after spending eight years in prison. An actor Shelley Malil was virgin at the age of 40, he was passing his lifetime sentence for hurting his ex-girlfriend.

The virgin actor attacked his ex-girlfriend with a knife and stabbing his ex-girlfriend 20 times at her house in California. And the actor will release from jail after eight years despite of lifetime sentence of imprisonment. Malil spotted before a panel of parole commissioners and they commonly blessed him parole.

Shelley Malil will come out of prison within two weeks. San Diego Union-Tribune added that , he will be on parole for five years. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported that, Malil would be freed on parole for five years.

The panel of commissioners heard the comments from both Malil and victim Kendra Beebe. Malil said I stabbed her after being caught by another person in 2008. She was cheating on me. Although she was in a relationship with me, but sharing my love with another man, it hurt me a lot.

That was the reason I stabbed her in her house in California. All commissioners reviewed his trial and made a decision earlier this year. According to the panel the criminal should be partially paroled because the findings show
He has less risk of future violence. Tribune reported that the panel also heard remarks of the victim Kendra Beebe, who was caught with others man. In 2008, he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Beebe after being caught by others man.

Shelley Malil

It was a preplanned attack because the virgin actor came in her house in California with a deadly weapon. According to the trial the criminal was convicted of premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon. His deadly attack injured her badly, Beebe suffered a lunch puncture. There were wounds on her neck, chest, back and arms.

After hurting her badly, Malil apologized her and said to her, I wanted to go to prison in 2010. Malil says, I want to correct all my mistakes. And I want to get it right. He further said, Kendra Beebe didn’t deserve it. Beebe also spoke about her physical and emotional pain in court in early 2010.

I am still alive despite of his stab wounds on different body parts and Malil’s testimony is not valid. Malil who has played his role as Steve Carroll’s co-star in the 40-Year Old Virgin. The actor faced maximum life in jail without parole for 14 years. As he was not a good actor at that time and his testimony was not valid.

He said, I went to her house to see her at San Marcos home in San Diego in August 2008. Actually, he wanted to inform her that he emailed her sexually explicit pictures to his colleagues. When he saw her drinking with another person he hurt her with a knife. Beebe’s neighbor heard her screams and Malil slipped away from the crime scene.
The Next day he was arrested at the Amtrak station.

They both have been dating together since 2007. Their relationship started when she responded an online dating ad.
Malil called his girlfriend Beebe and her cousin on the beach and stole marijuana and other items from her house and locked it externally. No doubt about it, Malil picked up a kitchen knife and started beating Beebe and stabbed her. Although he didn’t intend to kill her

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