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Treat women well, they are inherently beautiful, because women are created from the rib, and the most crooked part in the rib is its upper part. If you straighten it up, you will break it, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so take care of the women.

The world is good, and the best goods in the world are good women.

There are so many sites which are working a lot to promote women in which the famous two sites are tinder and ispase1. They are promoting women. It is said women are femininity gender in the world.


sexy trans


Once American’s media published a magazine that is known as A men’s magazine in this magazine they unveiled women ‘sexist transgender in the world.

The magazine became very popular in the 1990’s. it is consider one of the famous boy’s magazine of this era. The majority of men rose and gets prominence in the late 1990s.

There are 10 top listed transgender are discussed in this magazine.

Two  famous top listed and the shortlisted models are Australian catwalk queen Andreja Pejic she was only 26 years old having flexible body and  Orange Is The New Black star Laverne Cox has 45 years old.


sexy trans


A short brief story about Australian catwalk queen Andreja Pejic. Once she told her life story. she told her viewers she want to continue her career as a girl but her gender became issue. Now she has sex reassignment surgery.


Talulah-Eve Brown, is the first transgender model has the age of 22 . she was born as a male but after spending some years she feel she is lonely until so she realized she  does not belong to male nor female.

She is now the first transgender contestant to compete in Britain’s Next Top Model and also holds the title of Miss Transgender Birmingham.


sexy trans


Miss Transgender Birmingham revealed earlier this year she was nominated as a Britain’s Next top model but unfortunately she missed out the top spot but she never loss hear and going on to become a successful Model.

Among the winners in Front magazine’s first-ever, ‘sexiest transgender women’ poll are (top row L-R) Talulah-Eve Brown, Carmen Carrera, Caroline Cossey, (bottom row L-R) OITNB star Laverne Cox and models Isis King and Lea T

According to the source it is said,The ten finalists model that discussed earlier were  born male  but identify as female and some, like Talulah, have since undergone full gender reassignment surgery   .


sexy trans


According to magazine front, there are almost 60 per cent readers that like to read ‘alternative lifestyle magazine Front’ and according to online surway this could be say these  are all men.when a panel was going to decide the top 10 personality they picked out the top 10 while finalists were accounted talent and personality.


Transgender stars were placed at the forefront of the editors bcause they work hard in the world of music,fasion and television and earn fame and made a positive impact for the trans community .they set their own example.



A spokesperson for Front said: ‘Transgender women are taking their place in entertainment  industry. He said they made splash in this industry he was seeming excited for Transgender women and want to celebrate their success.


sexy trans



Talulah-Eve Brown became first Britains Next Top Model transgender contestant. She wantsto earn fame so she work hard to get this success and at last she become successful and made history. Talulah-Eve shot to fame in January this year.


When she was born named Aaron by his parents but now she is known as Talulah-Eve.


RuPaul’s Drag Race is also one of the top listed transgender of this year. he started his career as a male contested and remain successful in the world. He wanted become a woman so he transitioned into woman.

The first transgender Victoria’s Secret Angel Born Christopher Roman in 1985, the TV personality and burlesque performer from New Jersey has 380,000 followers on instagram and she is now boasts almost 380,000 Instagram followers and a devoted fan base.


According to magazine A true transgender icon, ‘original trans-pin-up’ Caroline became the first transgender Bond girl in 1981  she is going to  appear in For Your Eyes Only – and after appearing she became the first transgender cover girl for Playboy in 1991.

Fourth transgender is a famous Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox, 45.she want become famous and her wish was to known as a super model. Laverne struggle hard to gain this top site and know she earn good rputition. She began her dazzling career with an appearance on reality series I Want To Work for Diddy.she work hard to achieve fame at last her hard work gain fruit and once she burst onto the in her role as Sophia Burset in Netflix series Orange the New Black and was voted in at a fourth place in the poll.


Isis King,32 is on fifth place in the poll sh is also a have  a good repute and the most visible transgender on US television

Lea T,36 has sixth rank in transgender list she has a stunning body and attract her fans with her body features. She is a daughter of a famous foot ball player Toninho Cerezo. She transferred her gender in 2018.

Gigi Gorgeous ,25

The Canadian star, born Gregory Allan Lazzarato is also have 2.7 millions followers on her facebook page and boosts on them. Her followers appreciated her work a lot and praised her with their likes when she was denied entry into Dubai for being a Trasgender woman.

Now we are going to discussed about last two famous Transgenders who are Jenna Talackova, 28 and Candis Cayne, 46. Once Jenna was  disqualified  to compete at Miss Universe Canada for being transgender then she decided to do something special at last Jenna rose to international notoriety.


Originally a drag performer in New York, stunning Candis rose to fame as the first transgender actress to play a recurring character, as Carmelita in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money. Candis Born Brendan McDaniel in Hawaii in 1971, Candis recently expressed her desire to have children, during her appearance on Caitlyn Jenner’s hit documentary I Am Cait.

She is close friends with Jenner, with the pair often being spotted shopping together in Malibu, CA.

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