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Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place co-star Daniel Samonas arrested for DUI

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The co-stars of Selena Gomez’s wizards Of Waverly couldn’t do well in this week. In Los
Angeles, David Henrie tried to board in flight at LAX with a loaded gun on Monday.
The law enforcement department told to TMZ that they have arrested a young man of 29 during TSA screening.

Samonas is a young boy of 28 years. He is also a co-star who already had played a role of Siren’s love in a series. The co-star of WOWP arrested at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

According to the site, he was suspected under DUI. TMZ uncovered it on 2009. The co-star was fellow of Selena Gomez’s Wizards. This was happened the next day when agency had already arrested her.


co-star Daniel Samonas


They both were young and have feeling of love for each other. But they were looking for a
suitable moment to express their feelings before each other. Then the moment has arrived.
Finally on the Disney Show, the co-stars exposed their internal feelings. They fell in love with each other after proposing.

The incident took placed from 25 August to 3 September. These were the dates of Burning Man 2018. The site has reported that , they arrested co-star Samonas under the influence in Pershing County ,NV and they registered his report.

Maybe, he was in festival because he shared his photos on social media with festival
background. The Burning Man was around the Black Rock Desert. Samonas has played a role of Dean Moriarty on Disney Channel show.


co-star Daniel Samonas


In 2014 , he was in LA for a premiere of movie. Recently, a co-star Henrie who has played a role of Gomez’s elder brother. He was trying to pass through security by having loaded M&P Shield 9mm gun. The agents of TSA caught him and uncovered his loaded gun. At same time, They took him in their custody. According to report.

He said , I am responsible of the circumstances at LAX today. Henrie stated that, there was mine person gun. It is registered in my name. Infect , it is a legal gun. Unintentionally, I took this gun with me at airport.

While appreciating the law enforcement agency, he said I am very please by their action. TSA’s agents are very capable to protect us. I am very impressed by them , the way they protect people and our beautiful country. But it’s really a shameful thing for me to being caught red handedly.


co-star Daniel Samonas


Henrie arrested in the morning on Monday while pass through security. The actor had played his role as older brother of Gomez in Disney Wizards of Waverly place from 2007 to 2012. He shared his post in his Instagram account to apologize.

While sharing his post on social media, he spotted an emoji on his face and expressed his bad habit. He said it is a great embarrassment for me. Henrie spotted a facepalm emoji when he apologized on social media.

But I am very grateful for all the agencies and people involved in this matter.
Specially thanks to TSA and LAPD. They show their professional skills during this process.
They treated me very well according to the rules applied on them. None of them crossed the limit. It a great thing for our country to have such strong agencies to protect the people.

But on social media, one person named Ariel winter was totally disagreed with him . On Twitter, she said your explanation was not satisfactory. She was threatening him. Winter said, you are nonsense one. You don’t know the ethics and rules of traveling. Your apologize is not enough you must be punished.

She said you are so dull minded that you couldn’t see the loaded gun while packing to airport. That’s why his statement is not satisfactory. Why did he not place the gun at it’s original position? The star Henrie said, I wanted to know either the gun was loaded or it was just statement.

Henrie share a post in which he broke out a news about his baby. He said my wife Maria Cahill is expecting a child. His expectation is about baby girl. The expecting father visited Instagram to break the new of his wife’s pregnancy.
He shared a post with a title that , I don’t have gunshot. Someone gave me a gunshot. Henrie got fame for his role of Gomez’s elder brother in Wizards Waverly Place for five years from 2007 to 2012.

According to the report of his gun case. The co-star was going to abroad. While leaving the Los Angeles he was keeping gun in his goods. Infect, he wanted to take gun with him in abroad. But the secret agencies caught him on an international airport.

He was going with M&P Shield 9mm pistol in abroad through flight of Los Angeles. After the
incident, he played his role in How I Met You Mother, Paul Blart, Mall Cop and Grownups 2.
Furthermore, he I working on his own film This is the Year . Henrie is the writer and director of
this film.
Henrie remained a close friend to his on set sister and spent most of time with her. There was a
good sincere relationship between them. She shared a post on her account with a title, ‘brudder
and sissy’. According to MTZ the actor kept in jail. He has been jailed of LAPD Pacific
Division in their custody.

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