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Sarah Rice wants divorce from landon real world

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Landon Patterson revealed his wife Sarah Rice, who was living a comfortable life with him and now decided to leave him.

Sarah Rice expressed she wanted freedom from this relationship.

They are four years old, the couple wants relief from each other.

Sarah Rice makes this announcement in an episode of her podcast Brain Candy.

33 years old young star Sarah Rice reveals her break-up news on the MTV channel.

She said it might be possible that my Instagram followers have noticed my husband’s absence on my Instagram page.

She further revealed due to their break up her husband did not appear on her Instagram page.

Sarah Rice said she has loyal followers on her Instagram page.

According to her podcast brain c, andy Sarah Rice wants to get divorced from her husband.

She said I think it’s better for me, I have decided to get a divorce from my husband.

This relationship has become a burden for me said, Sarah.

She continuously talks about London she expressed that’s because we’re gonna get a divorce, or we’re getting one.

‘She didn’t have anything negative to say about Landon.

Sarah Rice

She further explained that a couple ‘could be really good, but not fit well. ‘

She said I want to follow what soul says. It’s the best path.

Once, while walking on a road trip the star was confused about her life decision and was trying to find the best way to get relief.

According to the Real World, the star Sarah Rice finds clarity about the state of her marriage.

She told during her married life she felt every day like she was moving away from life it was very hard for her to survive. She told in an interview that she loved her husband very much, but he does not love her.

To explain the complication of her relationship she put an example of a palm tree and oak tree. She said that both trees are strong, but if we put them together they both will not going to survive.

In addition to her podcasting and TV appearances, Sarah recently earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, which has certainly given her a lot of insight into the health of her relationship.

Sarah told the followers in 2014 London and she ties a knot with each other

London proposed to Sarah in 2014.

They spend two years together after their engagement. Sarah shared they want to understand each other so that they might spend a happy life after marriage but all in vain.

She said London proposed to her at LA’s Magic Castle.

In 2016 they decided to tie a knot to each other. The couple celebrates their marriage ceremony in 2016.

They both spend four years together, but unfortunately, the clashes destroy their relationship.

In 2018 the star Sarah revealed she suffered a miscarriage. According to the Real World, they put their family tragedies in 2018.

Sarah is known for her nine different appearances on The Challenge (formerly real world/road rules challenge, and road rules: all-stars before that).

The winner star shred in her entire life it happened the first time she have a tough time in her life.

Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice

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