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Eva Longoria gave birth to a baby boy.

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Eva Longoria is a beautiful and charming actor of America. Eva Longoria, married to Jose Pepe Baston.  Recently, she gave birth to a baby boy. She is named Santiago Enrique.

Eva Longoria and her husband Jos Pepe Baston Shared the happy news of their first child on social media with their fans when Eva confirmed her pregnancy. She was expecting a baby in December.

Eva was so excited to hear this news that her new baby boy is coming soon into this world and was thankful to God for this blessing. She told her followers she is expecting and will announce good news, to come into the world of her child.

Eva’ husband Jose announced, Santiago Enrique arrived on Tuesday and it’s a great blessing. Eva Longoria and his life partner Jose Pepe Baston welcomed their new baby boy together. They shared their picture on social media in which they are looking so happy to receive their baby.

Expressing their feelings, the couple said together, Welcome to the world! This incident took place on June 7. They said we are so grateful for this beautiful blessing, gushed to HOLA!

Santiago was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and weighed in at 6 lbs and 13 oz and now he earned fame and known as kid celebrity. Three years old Santiago Enrique Baston who was born in 2018 has Mexican-American nationality and is poplar on Instagram.

Eva Longoria

Eva told her Instagram viewers she first met her prince of her dreams in 2013. 50 years old, Josa has a dashing personality.They told their followers on Instagram they first met each other through a mutual friend back and they got married four years ago.

Jose was already married and had three children so Eva is also stepmother to Jose’s three children. Natalia, the step-son of Eva has 22-year-old and twins Mariana & Jose are 14-year-old.

Natalia Esperón was Jose first wife.

Eva shared her feelings; she said she was finding pregnancy so hard. She told me that during my pregnancy days, I felt uncomfortable. I found it very difficult to work. Even everything was uncomfortable for me. Despite feeling uncomfortable,she claimed being pregnant makes her feel empowered.

Sharing her feelings, she further said, my son is my capital of life, he doesn’t let me feel alone. When I’m directing, he is with me and makes me very happy.

Eva Longoria

Eva has high hope for her son and said to her fans on Instagram I hope my son will learn to applaud and honor. She wishes when her son grows up, he will become a good man furthermore she said I believe the world needs more good man.

Eva was very happy for hr new arrival baby because she thought the world needs more good men. She said excitedly I hope my son will earn fame and will become a role model for others. His surroundings will be strong and he will respect the people connected to him. He will support the others.

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