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Rosie Carolyn Kress the daughter of iCarly actor Nathan and Landon Elise

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London Elise the wife ICarly actor Nathan Kress just gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Rosie Carolyn Kress. They both were age fellows. The marriage ceremony of the age fellow’s couple took place in 2015. The couple had been married for 2 years when God bless them with a little child. He was so excited When his wife Elise gave birth to his first baby.  London Elise thanked God and celebrated their first kid’s happiness on Instagram.

They wanted to share this news with their Instagram and Twitter followers so, Kress added his daughter’s picture on his Instagram and Twitter account. He shared his uncounted blessings.


Rosie Carolyn Kress


On her birth, he was very excited and carry his daughter. She was born after two years. Her date of birth is  21 December 2017. Both parents were very excited on her birth. They welcomed her into the world. Nathan posted her pic with her birth at the time of her birth.

He posted her health and weight about 6 pounds. Nathan Kress said both mom and baby were looking amazing. He further said, having a 6 pound weight is wonderful to the kid. Nathan Kress ended his post with the these words “ I am a joy wreck”.

Accourding to the source Nathan Kres shared the news on media that his wife is expecting the news was published In July. Nathan Kres posted that his wife was expecting. He said we are expecting our first baby in  January.


Rosie Carolyn Kress

Nathan Kres said Rosie born prior one month that our expectation.Nathan Kres  revealed they both met with each other on a set. When they were shooting a movie Into the Strom. They start dating early and married in November 2015. There were his ICary co-stars Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy there.

In summer,  while traveling the entire Europe. His stunt actor wife announced their first baby news. In front of Parliament House in Landon. He kissed her sweet wife’s lips.
He shared a photo of his kissing. They were so excited while hugging. He put his hands on her back and kissed.

There was a beautiful background of Parliament House. Nathan excitedly captioned: Me and my baby was in Landon. Me and my baby in Landon got it. Both mom and dad announced the arrival of their baby in January 2018.


Rosie Carolyn Kress

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