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Rosangel Cabrera’s husband Tigers Cabrera spent a lot of money on his ex-mistresses children.

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Cabrera spent a big share of his money on the children of his ex-mistresses. Belkis Rodriguez sued Cabrera in October because she wanted to enhance monthly child support payments for her pair of children from $5k to $100k. Recent reports of court documents showed that Cabrera spent $ 9, 000 on her two children during her European vacation and $ 5, 000 on a Disney cruise.

Rodriguez said, Cabrera, who earns $30 million each season can easily pay $100k for child support in a month according to Florida guidelines. Cabrera’s wife decided to leave him. Rosangel Cabrera filed for divorce from her husband Cabrera.

Later she canceled her file for divorce, the couple is sharing three children. The first baseman of the Detroit Tigers ‘Miguel Cabrera’ is already undergoing a sue of child support. A Florida woman has claimed to be his ex-mistress according to the court documents. He has spent lavishly on her and her children.

Cabrera not only helped her to buy a big house for $1 million but also spent $9, 000 on their European vacation and $5,000 Disney cruise. Detroit Tigers spent a lot of money on her children including a girl and a boy. Miguel Cabrera was spending $15,000 child support in each month while $3,000 for their traveling fee so that the
children could easily visit him.

Rosangel Cabrera

A Florida woman Belkis Rodriguez, who claims to be his ex-mistress sued him to increase her children’s money as child support. She said it is not tough for him to afford $100k per month as child support. Cabrera is pictured with his wife Rosangel Cabrera, he is a two-timing American League MVP. In 2012 he became the first player in the league who has won the Triple Crown since 1967.

Rodriguez filed a lawsuit to enhance child support which Cabrera had reduced to $10k just to convince his wife to withdraw her divorce file. Detroit News revealed that Rosangel filed for divorce at the season, but her husband convinced her to drop the court
proceedings by reducing the child support payments. The couple is sharing three children. But Cabrera did not stop to pay child support because it is not a big problem for him to support her ex-mistress.

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