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Robert Smith’s wife is expecting identical twins

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Robert Smith’s wife revealed that she is going to deliver identical twin girls. Playboy model Hope Smith told about her struggle to grow her family via surrogate even though she is suffering from an autoimmune disease.

The 34-year-old MUHTA skincare founder wrote four lengthy Instagram posts and shared the incredible news of her pregnancy. Her billionaire husband, Robert Smith, is the founder and CEO of Vista Equity. Hope and his chairman husband turned to IVF and surrogacy to grow their family.

Hope also shared pictures of her sons, four-year-old Hendrix, and three-year-old Legend. In the picture, her sons are holding up pink tutus while wearing pink striped pajamas to happily announce the good news of two babies this January. The signs in their hands say: ‘Girls: 0 Boys: 2 coming soon January 2020.’

She wrote: ‘Miracles happen every day and sometimes when you wish for a flower God gives you a bouquet. I wish for a miracle and I get two. I’m expecting twin girls.’ On Saturday, she wrote her first post for her 243,000 Instagram followers: ‘I feel bad for hiding a really big secret from all of you.’

Playboy model recalled how she had two pregnancies without using IVF and surrogacy, but it took her 18 months to get pregnant with Hendrix. After that, they stopped using birth control pills and conceived Legend within a month.

‘Hendrix was only 7 months year old when I got pregnant with Legend. I had two home births then why did I do IVF?  The reason for it is not that I couldn’t get pregnant. In 2018, an autoimmune disease was diagnosed within my body, and this issue affected my mental, physical and emotional state. That is why I chose to have IVG.’

‘It’s extremely tiring for me to suffer from a ‘brain fog that wouldn’t go away. I was afraid of being a new mom to two young boys who were both under two at that time, but I assembled my courage to face the condition. My husband became my biggest support during these scariest moments of my life.’

She went to doctors at John Hopkins for over a year and a physician from Mass General told her that an infusion would change her autoimmune disease into remission.

‘The physician told me that infusion will also leave some side effects like you cannot and should not attempt to carry a pregnancy. If you do this, it will cause serious birth defects and even death,’ she explained.

‘In March of 2018, I took my first infusion of a drug. The purpose of taking this infusion was to deplete my B cells and to stop these cells from attacking my body, but also to keep me away from carrying a third pregnancy. I took this decision to treat the AI because for better nourishment of my boys it’s compulsory for me to be healthy. I turned off the part of me that wanted a third baby.’

After the treatment her blood work became perfect and doctors stopped her from taking further infusions. They recommended she to take organic vitamins as a basic nutrient. As she completed her infusions, the idea of surrogacy hit her mind. Her husband was fully supportive of her for this decision.

Robert Smith

A doctor recommended them an agency for surrogacy and they went through many rounds of interviews, and psychological tests for both them and the surrogates. Before transferring her and Robert Smith embryos to the surrogate, she had to go through rounds of IVF.

‘It was a big decision to choose the right family and woman who will help us in this journey of bringing our baby into the world. I didn’t want to end up having an unhealthy relationship with someone who helped us to turn our dream into reality, so it was not easy for me to let someone close to us. But luckily we got a perfect match.’

Hope said: ‘Our surrogate and I took medications for months as a part of this lengthy process. The surrogate woman had to start rounds of IVF before the implantation of the embryo. Doctors had to do this to make her body think it was pregnant and to prevent it from any sudden reaction.’

Hope and Robert Smith wanted to implant two embryos, but doctors told them that single pregnancies are typically healthier than twins. In mid-may, Hope got the good news that her surrogate was pregnant with two babies even though they implanted one embryo. Her son Hendrix was also very happy because he wanted two babies, one for him and one for Legend.

Her grandmother’s last name was May and her birthday was also in May, so Hope chose to implant the embryo in the month of May.

‘It was a very uncomfortable experience for our surrogate, so I hold her hands firmly. I have no words to express my feelings for her. She came into our lives to complete our family. On that day, I cried a lot because of happiness as well as for the woman who was bearing the pain to give us a gift that compares to no other. She’s an angel for our family.’

The maiden name of Hope is Dworaczyk and she found fame as a Playboy model in 2010. In April 2011, she went on to compete on the Celebrity Apprentice and became ‘the Playmate’ of the year.

The couple welcomed their first baby boy, Hendrix, in the month of December 2014. After that they decided to marry and tied the knots seven months later. They invited 250 guests on their wedding day at Villa Cimbrone in Ravello Italy, on the Amalfi Coast.

Robert Smith has three children with his first wife, Suzanne McFayden Smith. The names of the children from his first wife are Zoe, Eliana and Max.

The soon-to-be mother of four told DailyMail.com via email: ‘I have had stretch marks puberty and during my first pregnancy I tried my best to minimize them. A skin specialist told me to cover these stretch areas with La Mer moisturizing cream twice a day. At the end of my pregnancy, I was stretch mark free that is why I started sending to my friends and friends of friends.’

Then she decided to build a company that will produce different products to avoid stretch marks.

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