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Steve Irwin’s ‘hot niece’ Rebecca Lobie foolishly showed Derriere after making fun of a troll’s tattoo.

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Troll on social media made fun of Rebecca Lobie’s tattoo on social media. She made a tattoo of
her beloved horse. Her favorite thing was her horse. The tattoo of her beloved horse spotted on
her lower back.
Rebecca crossed her limit just to grab the attention of people on social media. She shared her
nude pics to increase her follower. In her post she shared her bottom line. On the beach, she was
enjoying the scene on sun lounge. There was sea before her sight. The 33 years old Lobie sitting
on sun lounge. She shared a post on her Instagram account.
It was seemed she was unstoppable. The niece of Steve Irwin’s Rebecca was looking hot and
crazy. She was wearing a race swimsuit. Where she exposed her back in a post on her Instagram
account on Friday. A troll made fun of her tattoo of her horse.


 Rebecca Lobie

She was wearing multi colored swimming suit that drew the attention toward the bottom of
peach. Bombshell of golden hair wrote a title of her post. The story of her mocked tattoo came to
sight when she interrupted a vile troll.
Rebecca joined the comment on a troll’s post. Then vile troll make fun of her derriere horse on
Sunday post.
On her hot post, an unknown person commented bad words on her post. After that , she shared a
screenshot of his conversation and then told everything in detail about his and called him a
Rebecca is a mother of two children was stayed quiet and just saying her enough is enough.
During dirty comments Troll said she tattooed a horse when it was ‘ugly’. She used to say that
her children should be ‘proud’ to see their mother in outer clothing while posing for her
Rebecca said , while replying online that it’s out of control of such type of serious bullying. One
of the Queensland stars said tattoo is not only just a spot but also a meaningful sign. No one can
find out the value of other’s tattoos. There is something special in each tattoos. If someone not
aware the true meaning of tattoo spotted on other’s body. Then one should not comment on it.
Her fans backed up and favored her on online comments. They said everyone has own life and
way of spending life. No one can taunt on it. After strong support from her fans ,she thanked
Rebecca said , I am very thankful to you all for your kind messages. I’m all right. I have learned
to keep herself cool and patient. She said keep quiet about it but not every time.
It happened when the rotten beauties Charged $7 monthly from their fans to excess their
exclusive content.
Rebecca charges 5 dollars for subscription of first month 10 after that. For something more she
changes 55 dollars for nude videos.
Rebecca is a daughter of Steve’s sister Joy and her husband Frank Muscillo , left the Australian
zoo in December 2015. She discussed about her new website in an interview with Daily Mail
Australia that is Only fans.
She said on demand of fans I launched a new site, there are additional content on that site. I was
already looking for other platform. My desire to grab the attention of the fans by another way.
On OnlyFans, I chat with fans and go live there


 Rebecca Lobie

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