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Bodyguard brought ‘La Socialite Rebecca Grossman in court for killing two young brothers’ allegations

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Bodyguard brought ‘La Socialite Rebecca’ in court for killing two young brothers’ allegations.

Wealthy Los Angeles socialite and philanthropist Rebecca Grossman Came in court on hearing of her case for the trampling of two young brothers during reputedly running her Mercedes on Friday.

In spite of the 6-organized hearings of Last year, the case is still pending because the parents of two young brothers Mark and Jacob Iskander are in deep pain. The culprit Grossman is free on bail of $2 million.

Last time in December, she came into court and Judge Shellie Samuels was bothered to reschedule the case because of the illness of the culprit’s lawyer. She was blamed for trampling the two brothers while running in her white Mercedes. Rebecca came in the High Court of Los Angeles in the case of murder in an accident hit and run traffic with her in Westlake Village part of Los Angeles. She was wearing masks when she came in court on her hearing.

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The late brothers were walking with their Mom, Dad and the rest of the siblings in Westlake Village, California in September 2020 when they were quelled and murdered. Grossman came with her new lawyer in Friday’s hearing, which means the next court appearance will be postponed for two months so that her lawyer could ready himself for the initial hearing where the prosecutor will show proofs. Judge Samuels will make a decision that provided proofs are enough to free her on bail.

She could be seen in her black shirt and skin-blazer and wearing face masks to resist against Covid 19. She was charged with two pools of bloodshed in 2020, two polls of carjacking driving carelessly, and one case of hit and run driving as a result of the two brothers’ deaths in the West Lake Village on September 29, 2020. She is still free on 2 million bail while the legal process is proceeding slowly.

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She was charged twice for her crimes, once for murder and other was carjacked. She appeared in court with her smartphone in her hand and a water bottle. She was looking bone-tired while she came in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Friday. One of the brothers was died at the crime scene and other was dying later in hospital.

The incident occurred about 7:10 p.m., while the boys were crossing three-way junction with their parents and siblings. The three way intersection has no stoplight. The parents were walking ahead with Zackary and Violet two other children. When they saw a fast moving car approaching toward the late children, they tried to save them but could not. According to police, Mark and Jacob were hit against the white Mercedes.

Before she stabbed, a boy was reportedly carried 100 feet to the hood of a car, where he fell off and ran over again as she escaped the crime scene. One of the boys left his breathing at the scene while the other boy died in hospital later.

In December, Judge Samuels apologized the family of the boys killed in a car accident. I She could understand the pain of their family, how they are suffering with the pain of their boys as the case drags on. Mercedes, which killed two brothers. Investigation team said, road racing may have been involved in the accident, that occurred at the Crossway of Triumph Canyon Road and Saddle Mountain Drive.

The incidence happened about a year and two months ago, the judge said, ‘ The victim’s parents should proceed the case. It will take a while to get an initial hearing of two pools of murder. Four months ago, Samuels criticized her for not attending in her last five organized court appearances. The disappointed Judge said that she had never seen her in the court on September 14 hearing.

The judge said, the parents of the dead boys ‘Nancy and Karim Iskander’ who have filed a civil lawsuit against the culprit and claimed that she was drunk and was driving at 70 mph at the time of the accident. They deserve an initial hearing soon. The parents said, we want to the proof that she brought. We don’t know the truth of that scene and we deserve to know everything clearly.

The Judge said it was cruel to drag the case more than a year. According to the police report, she was racing with her ex-professional baseball player Craig Erickson. They were going in a same house party. Grossman was driving at 45 Miles per hour when the accident occurred. Her current address is listed as a 7. 7.6 million spacious mansion in the Hidden Hills, with nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and is located next door to actress Lori Laughlin’s full house. Last year in 1st October, She released on bail of $2 million and until she is free.

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