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Rebecca Gleason reveals why she and her actor husband Eric Bana left Hollywood to live in Melbourne.

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Eric Bana is one of the most famous actors in Australia. He is a star and has played many roles including Troy, Hulk, and Dirty John. His wife Rebecca Bana uncovered the fact of leaving Hollywood.

They are living in Melbourne.

In an interview, she I am very happy in Melbourne. It’s a beautiful place to live.

Its surrounding is also gorgeous. I am with my two young children living a simple and peaceful life. My husband was from Australia and that’s the reason to leave Hollywood.

While talking to the Herald Sun, she said it was amazing to visit the world with her husband. We visited different places in the world.

It was because of my husband’s work. Klaus and Sophia two young children enjoyed. This was an isolated experience to travel the world for them.

They are 20 and 28 years old respectively. Rebecca said, how can we make a home of these places. How can we get school and piano lesson.


Rebecca Gleason

How can we play a bit. She said, I used to think all these things while traveling. The country, we are going to travel. There would not a single friend of my children and not any childcare.

It a life that we will have to create its own. Initially, I used to think that my main job was to help my husband throughout his career. But later, I realized there must be a home for living together.

My family should be safe and happy. All these things were possible in only Australia. It was the native country of my husband. We were very happy in Australia because our children got school here.

We wanted to send them to school. She said, it was a dream of every actor to be a part of Hollywood. But Eric realized that he could go without shooting for ten years in Los Angeles.

First time in his career, he became the television star. As he joined the cast of sketch comedy series ‘ Full Frontal’. But it turned into a dramatic performance in the 2000 film Chopper.

It was a biopic about notorious criminal Mark ‘Chopper’ Red. An American movie analyzer awarded the comedian a future star. This was proved a prediction for him.

It was because he appeared in many Hollywood movies later. In 2003, he spotted on in Hulk. In 2004, he appeared in Troy.

In 2009 he worked on Star Trek and The Time Traveler’s wife in the following year. At first, Eric and Rebecca met on a set. In 1995, he met with her when she was working as TV publicist. In her first look, he has fallen in love with her. Later he proposed her. At the end of two years, they married while traveling to America.


Rebecca Gleason

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