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Publishing Masters Dissertation – Top 10 Important Journals You May Consider

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Publishing Masters Dissertation has become easier due to the advent of open-access journals. Students can publish their dissertations in the top peer-reviewed journals without paying anything. The distinguishing features of top journals are the citation metrics and impact factor. Journals that have a high impact factor rigorously evaluate research papers and dissertations. Peer reviewers are expert researchers who evaluate the research and determine its worthiness to get published. This article will tell you about the top 10 open-access journals for Publishing Masters Dissertation.

What are the top 10 journals for Publishing Masters Dissertation?

1. SAGE Journal

SAGE Journal is the top-notch journal for Publishing Masters Dissertation. It is one of the prestigious journals that cover publications related to any discipline. The peer-review process is efficient, and the impact factor score of the journal is very high. You will have to submit a statement of a declaration stating that the submitted work is your original creation and there is no plagiarism. If you are unable to create the statement of declaration, it becomes important to hire masters dissertation writing services to do it for you.

2. IJAR (International Journal of Advanced Research)

IJAR (International Journal of Advanced Research) is the top journal for Publishing Masters Dissertation. It serves as a venue for publishing dissertations on a global scale. Students can readily publish their Masters dissertations for no cost. IJAR provides a platform for researchers to share their expertise with the world and advance scholarly writing. The authors maintain full ownership of their academic publications and are granted exclusive rights to promote and share files of their dissertations.

IJAR has a high impact factor of 7.337. It has certified indexation, and every academic publication bears a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and the journal’s metadata gets submitted to CrossRef, PubMed and Google Scholar. The journal maintains a separate profile of authors with attached links to their dissertations. People across the globe can view and download the dissertation for free; however, the author has exclusive copyrights. IJAR publishes dissertations from different fields such as life sciences, social sciences and humanities, health sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.

3. Addaiyan International Publishers

The Addaiyan Journal of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AJAHSS) is an open-access publisher that provides a platform to students for Publishing Masters Dissertation. The journal aims to promote original research by subjecting the research to peer review and publishing from a wide range of fields such as arts, humanities, and social sciences. The Addaiyan Journal of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AJAHSS) offers a forum for reflection, debate, and assessment in light of recent and ongoing research discoveries. Additionally, the journal hopes to offer a singular forum for delving into the basic concerns that globalisation raise for democracy, governance, citizenship, and other important social and political spheres. The journal gives priority to the publication of articles addressing major worldwide topics of public interest and concern, as well as the implications of those articles for policymaking and professional practice.


GRIN is an international journal of Social Policy Research and Development for Publishing Masters Dissertation. At GRIN, you can publish your masters dissertation without paying a single dime. The platform allows researchers to present their work online to a large audience. You will hold the rights to your dissertation, which is available for reading and downloading on GRIN. Major scholarly resources like Google Scholar will have access to your dissertation for researchers. You can register and submit your dissertation in PDF format on their website.

5. Noble Research

A multinational publisher of peer-reviewed open-access journals is NobleResearch Group. Manuscripts of excellent quality with research contributions are accepted by noble research. High-calibre submissions are published by Noble Research Group, which also offers direct free access to the electronic versions of journals and master’s dissertations. You can also publish your masters dissertation proposal in this journal. There are no restrictions on the number or size of the papers that can be published because all journals are exclusively published online.


AGRIS is an international journal for Publishing Masters Dissertation. The journal is the topmost important journal with independent peer-reviews and a high impact factor. It mostly accepts publications in agricultural sciences and information and communication technologies. The journal offers a premier setting for discussion and study on agriculture and information technology subjects. The journal is an invaluable resource for academics, policymakers, and executives looking for the most recent information on the topic. This journal favours scholarly papers written by international author teams that address issues related to the journal’s area of specialisation.

7. Best of Science

Best of Science is a top-notch platform for Publishing Masters Dissertation in the subject of science. There are no subscription or publication fees; authors are just required to pay the processing fee. One week after receiving the dissertations, Best of Science publishes them. The journal is open to everyone for free reading and downloading, but the dissertation belongs exclusively to the author.

8. Bioline International Journal

The reputable open-access journal Bioline accepts dissertation submissions for free publication. It is a non-profit organisation with the mission of advancing scientific knowledge. It offers academic researchers a forum to share and distribute their research internationally. Bioline International specially caters to authors from emerging nations. It seeks to close the knowledge gap and address academic inequality. It usually publishes dissertations in the field of medicine and epidemiology.

9. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

Electronic journal of biotechnology is an international journal for Publishing Masters Dissertation in biotechnology. The journal’s scope encompasses publications related to biotechnology, biology, and its computational applications. The journal’s peer-review process is rigorous and gets reviewed by expert scholars in the field of biotechnology. If you decide to publish your dissertation in this journal, your dissertation will be accessible to a large audience globally.

10. International Research Journal of Commerce, Arts and Sciences

International Research Journal of Commerce, Arts and Sciences is an open-access journal that facilitates students globally to publish their dissertations. Your dissertation will have worldwide visibility and be accessible to a large audience. The journal is index and list in all the major databases. Also, your dissertation will be accessible through Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar.


The above-mentioned journals are the top platforms for Publishing Masters Dissertation. It is essential to read the aims and scope of the journal before submitting your dissertation for publication.

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