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Pinterest Executive Admits Site Wasn’t Secure ding Molly Russell’s inquiry.

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Molly’s Twitter count remained open but her parents later learned of her death. Pinterest who is a senior administrator at the social site revealed that the cause of Molly’s death was the content that she
viewed. He said she took her own life after watching the content on social media. The 14th-year old girl could not absorb the content. “She was watching the content in 2017,” Judson Hoffman said. And this site was not secure for her to see the content. The little girl belonged to London and her death took place in November 2017. Her father previously told North-London Coroner’s Court that social media was behind his daughter’s death.

Mr. Hoffman, who is Pinterest‘s global head of community operations, added he has no words to say something about this case. He said how can children concede to uncover potentially improper content for a child. The platform’s term of service has added before the court that one can report the bad stuff on the site during use. However, in November 2016 the term service admitted that the users may be pointed out to the content which is not suitable for children.

Molly-Russell. The cause of Molly’s death was the content that she

Molly Russell had a secret Twitter account, and she queried to focus on big tech. Due to this, the bosses of big tech have to appear in Molly Russell’s inquest. In a question, Oliver Saunders QC, who is a barrister for Russell’s family, asked Hoffman that It may be children in minds who are opening an account on that platform. However, when a user creates an account they have to keep in mind that there may be content that is problematic for a child. He further said suppose a user is a child, how can they approach this such content?” Then Mr. Hoffman said I’m sorry I have nothing to say.

Mr. Hoffman said it’s very sad for me that Molly saw such material that helped her to self-harm, recession, and at least suicide.
Judson Hoffman cast those pics as evidence during the inquiry of Molly Russell’s case. According to him, these are those pics that were sent to her by the company through email before
her death. These photos are captioned “10 Depression Pins You Might Like” “Girls with Depression” Recovery of Depression” etc. These photos also included the ones mentioned by Mr. Sanders while saying to Mr. Hoffman if he thought these were safe for children’s view.

Molly-Russell’s-family. Her family members including her father Ian Russell and Janet Russell her-mother reached at Barnet Coroner’s Court

Hoffman said I have to be careful about the information that I provide. I think it was material to spend too much time with for nothing more than foolish thinking. None of us would like to spend much time with such material. According to a report, Molly uses her Instagram 120 times a day. Pinterest was largely successful to save the site from the content including self-harm, and suicide by it’s special skill and human moderator. However, the users still approached that content.
There was a great debate about Molly Russell’s case between Mr. Sanders and Mr. Hoffman. Family lawyer said Judson Hoffman that your site had “chosen to take a risk”. Although there was “no risk option” to prohibit the children on Pinterest. So, Mr. Hoffman replied that our vision is to minimize the risk at our platform. There were two sequels of content that Molly had seen on Pinterest, in one series she ready to hurting and depression herself and in second series she observed her death. Her family members including her father Ian Russell and Janet Russell her-mother reached at Barnet Coroner’s Court. Her rest of siblings also reached at Barnet Coroner’s Court to support their late sister.
When Mr. Sanders inquired Mr. Hoffman whether the content had been changed or not, Hoffman replied I’m very painful to think about the content she viewed. He said the content is still available on the platform but it was not safe to see such content that Molly viewed. Then Mr. Sanders said, “Do you think this platform should be secure for children”? Hoffman said I think this platform must be safe for all its users. Indeed, Mr. Sanders wanted to prove when Molly used this platform. It was not secure for the children at that time in 2017.

However, Mr. Hoffman admitted it right. Mr. Hoffman admitted that there was material on our side that should have been
removed but we failed to do so. He said that there is content on our site against our policies which we are trying to remove but it
is still there. Although it has not reached completion in time it will reach and be usable by everyone. The inquiry on the first day revealed how Molly sought help from celebrities. Her father said she reached out to celebrities with millions of followers on Twitter.

Her father had already told the inquest that harmful material, dark, and harmful graphics were available at the site. He said it is hard to believe how did she reach and went into this situation? However, the most powerful global brands in the world” could do nothing to avoid such content from reaching susceptible people.

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