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Paul Hollywood, 52, and his new girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam, 22, sunbathing in Mauritius

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The Great British Bake Off Paul has romanced with her 30 years younger girlfriend. He was
looking happier than ever with his young and beautiful girlfriend on a romantic break to
Mauritius. Ever favorite TV personality Mr. Paul enjoyed a boat riding with his newly
girlfriend. They were looking so exited with each other. She was going back to Heathrow after
spending a romantic break with the Great British Bake Off judge.

Paul Hollywood, 52, and his new girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam, 22, sunbathing in Mauritius
Paul was wearing orange shirt and navy blue shorts for his day of sightseeing while her girlfriend
was dressed up in strapless clinging and denim pent. She was looking hot. Paul enlarged his
helping hand to his girlfriend off the luxury boat. Then they went to hotel to spend night. After
some days they were looking exited together at Landon Heathrow Airport.
Summer was wearing black jacket and skinny jeans to enjoy the journey with her boyfriend. Paul
was in waterproof jacket and jeans, he was dragging the suitcase. They were talking happily with
each other on luxury flight. The Sun On Sunday, reported that the TV star was looking happier
than ever with his newly stunning love when they were enjoying the short stay at the tropical
First the pair wanted to meet at American but none of both told about dating. They didn’t told
their friend whom they are dating with. As there is a big difference between their ages but Paul
was well settled with his girlfriend. The pair could make mistake on their honeymoon. A source
reported that although the couple was looking like father and daughter but they left the people in
no doubt about they were a couple as they were strolling around.
The pair first time met in a pub and they are looking happier while chatting. They enjoyed the
holidays in great touch. Summer smiled from heart after long time due her personal problems in
life. She was very calm with her boyfriend Paul. His age was not trouble for her. Their
blossoming love and romance did not grab the attention of other visitors. In their deserted villa,
they spent most of their time.
It seemed, they want solitary because they didn’t visit the public places like pool and restaurants.
It revealed that she used to affectionately call celebrity chef ‘Cake’. Paul gave a helping hand to
Summer while coming out from luxury boat. The things are changing swiftly for them.
According to the source the barmaid is living with him in his rented house that is few miles away
from his ex-wife Alexandra and his teenager child.
Paul is very caring and loving for her. Summer feels a sense of adventure with all his fast and
furious cars. An insider told that Summer used to live in Kent. After first meeting with Paul she
saved his name in his mobile phone as ‘Cake Cake’. That was a strange pet name. One said that
like many other women Summer also likes his blue eyes.
I love him from heart and don’t how does he feel it. Everyone is waiting how long he will stay
with her. The newly couple first dated in November when Paul met secretly with barmaid in
Kent. They met first time in Paul’s pub on the birthday party of his ex-wife Alexandra. After that
they developed a strong bond despite of big age Gap of 30 years.
The age was not an issue in their deep love. Paul first marriage in 1998 with Alexandra. They are
sharing a 16 years old son name Joshua. Paul who is an celebrity chef separated his wife
He separated to his wife Alexandra in the start of 2013 when he announced his extramarital affair
with Marcela Valladolid who was a co-star on US vision Bake Off. The show cancelled due to
bad rating.
The couple reunited after few months. In an interview with BBC Radio interview, he described
the incident as “the big mistake of my life.” While talking with BBC they said we were wonder
how it happened. But I took it because I deserve it. It’s my sentenced.

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