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Paris Themmen looks in danger from Willy Wonka!

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The people who take risks look happier than talkers. They shared their added stories and hobbies. Because the risk-takers see the things more closely than those who just talk about the things. When Alex Trebek brings them before the audience. They shared their experience about their risk.


Paris Themmen was an amazing person. He didn’t show his outstanding history. Despite showing his story, he wrapped it. Only super fans of Willy Wonka recognized him.
The 58 years old, Paris had played his role as a real version of Mike Teavee. He had played his role in a classic movie of Gene Wilder in 1971. They were shocked and they could not believe his eyes. When they saw 58 years old Themmen Paris was the real version of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Paris Themmen chilhood

He was not wanted to reveal his history. This former child actor had worked together with
Gene Wilder as TV obsessed in 1971. In the film Mike Teavee, the obsessed child of TV and Western films reduce himself so that,he may fit the screen. He was so talented but not showed off his talent after that role. On Wednesday, he proved his talent and ability. His dreams came true when he appeared in an episode of jeopardy. The child that having an amazing career behind him was quiet. He did not tell about his career to Trebek. Instead of telling he was mum. Although, he was an entrepreneur and backpacker from North Hollywood, California.



Everyone surprised to hear his story. He was really an amazing personality before the
ordinance. While talking about his travel in the introductory segment. Themmen told about his journey in the past. I have traveled 61 different countries of the world and 6 continents.
As a contestant in a game show, he opened his way more strongly. In the Ben-Hur category of the show he won ‘Daily Double’ the first round of the contest. This put was leading with $8000.

One of the travelers told to Trebek that he did not visit Antarctica so far. He said he was just at the base camp of his most favorite place Mount Everest.
Themmen in Jeopardy, he could explain all about his past. It was not easy for him to sneak away through his super and sharp fans.


Elizabeth Nervegna twitted that, I recognized Themmen in the Jeopardy show. Alex had already introduced him. I’m very happy to see you here. Brandy Ostrander Twitted that, I recognized Themmen very quickly because Willy Wonka is my best movie. It’s amazing to see you in Jeopardy.

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Brandy twitted after finishing up the show. At the end, Themmen managed to get second position in Jeopardy. The Alabama’s investor and analysis Zack Dark lost the championship.
Sara Tilly wrote that , Matt was surprised the recognized Themmen in Jeopardy. I recognized him from Willy Wonka to Mike Teavee.


Mallory Ziglar twitted that, I have recognized Themmen by his name. But, I was absolutely
surprised to see that Trebek did not ask him about the  movie. In fact Themmen wrapped his story. Themman has been unable to expose his past. He could not sneak due to his super fans and lost the second round of the show. That is why he lost 5,000 dollars and settled at the bottom in the contest. After $6,800 he managed to get second position in the final  jeopardy. But lost out the Champion Zack Dark.


According to the IMDB, he didn’t act in any film since 2000. He played his last role as ‘fawning fan’ in the show star Trek. Themmen has also worked in the movie Screenplay in 1999. He worked as voice-over in miniseries Macross Plus in 1994. Now,  he has become avid backpacker and had travelled 61 countries.

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