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A full time sleeping girl spends $ 300 on ABDL Diapers per month.

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An adult girl who sleeps full time and spends nearly 300 dollars on her diapers each month. A woman who spends her life as an adult child reveals that she spends a huge amount of 300 dollars to change her diapers in each month. However, she has her nursery. Young Paigey has her online subscription service for the people of the Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL).

There is her 426 paid subscribers provide an incredible cost. They help in finding the community. She wakes up in her crib and stays all day in her crib where she changes her diaper and starts preparing diapers for the online customers. Here she enjoys her spare time
playing with her toys in the crib.

Paigey a full-time adult child from East Coast spends her full time in a crib. As she pays 300 dollars in each month and her followers pay the expenses of her diapers. She mentioned that her family accepts her because of her nature. I collect my toys and I have a low sense of humor.

According to her, if you don’t have something valuable then people take your indifference for granted. Young Paigey said, when I reached my legal age then I started searching online the people of my taste and temperament. My search end in creating a community of such people of my taste and temperament.


Paigey said, I have always been trying to spend a normal life like others, that is why I searched people of my mind to share my thoughts and views with them. As I am abnormal that is why I want to run my life own. When I found a bunch of such people I felt very comfortable and my worries were gone because my subscription service is earning enough to fulfill my expenses. I have been trying to live a normal life since 2018. Now, I’m less shy and a little confident because
I can run my life as an adult child.

She said we feel shame to be different from others, so I decided to spend a normal life by visiting public places to build confidence. Later I developed a YouTube channel and website where I engaged people of my mind. It was because I want to spend my life as an adult one. Paigey said, my family and friends accepted me because of my extraordinary lifestyle. This abnormal girl has her room and nursery to spend her life in. Every day, she awakes in her crib and spends all day long. We are happy in our life and we play with toys, I also like to play with artificial stuffed animals.

Paigey is very happy with her online service because she received a tremendously positive response from her subscribers. She said I received emails from people saying thank for you your efforts. I change my diaper in more Ning and then play with toys in my crib, later I prepare content for my online customers. My small nursery contains some of my crib, stool, and gate.

The young Paigey said, all the members of our community are active adults as they can do everything like normal adults, as they can visit different places and pay bills. We also can maintain our lifestyle in a better way. Some people ask me about my intelligence and they say why an ordinary person lives life like you in a crib. I have my way to live life because I don’t compare myself with others.

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