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Nikko Gonzalez celebrated dinner with his Family

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Lauren Sanchez had an ex-boyfriend name, Tony Gonzalez. According to the reporter, Lauren Sanchez supports her ex-boyfriend in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

The followers can look at Sanchez with her present boyfriend Jeff Bezos. The new couple is looking so beautiful. Ohio over the weekend, Lauren Sanchez supported her ex-boyfriend Tony Gonzalez. In the Cordially greeting the Instagram followers can see the three during the festivities in Ohio.

The festivities that were held in Ohio were very special for Lauren Sanchez because she supports her ex-boyfriend. It was Saturday morning the Gonzalez speech in 40- minutes in a ceremony that was televised by both ESPN and the NFL network.

During the ceremony when there was a crowd of people the cameraman move his camera toward the three of them. In this video, Sanchez is looking left to Bezos and Matt Ryan is right.

According to the source Jeff Bezos, who is known as the world’s richest man, and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez gives support to ex-boyfriend Tony Gonzalez. This incident took place in Ohio over the weekend.

Over the weekend the couple wants to support the ex-boyfriend Tony Gonzalez.

In the picture that is posted on Instagram, the followers can look Bezos was seen sitting between Sanchez to his left and Gonzalez’s former Atlanta Falcons teammate, Matt Ryan, to his right.

After the break-up with Lauren Sanchez, Mrs. Tony tied a knot with his new wife October. October Gonzalez is only 28 years old youngest lady. Tony expressed his feeling for his new wife in such clear words,   October Gonzalez is my dearly beloved wife she blessed me a baby boy from her lap.

Tony has a baby boy from his new relationship who is  2 years old. Nikko is Tony’s son from his relationship with Sanchez. Nikko is a handsome boy like her mom.

Nikko Gonzalez family

It was Friday evening the four-person Gonzalez, Sanchez, Bezos, and October Gonzalez were seen to celebrate a dinner in Canton.

According to the source, Tony Gonzalez was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on this occasion the couple, Sanchez and the world’s richest man Bezos supported Gonzalez.

Bezos and Sanchez were some rows behind the front row, where Gonzalez’s current wife, October, and the couple’s two young children – Malia, 11, and the River ، Sitting with 9.

Tony Gonzalez’s 18-year-old son, Nikko Gonzalez, from his relationship with Sanchez, was also present on this occasion when they all were celebrating dinner in Canton. Nikko Gonzalez was placed in the front row on the left side of October Gonzalez.

According to Brandon Krztel, there was also a family harmony exhibition on Friday ، When the newly divorced Amazon CEO was watching with his girlfriend and his football supporter ex, and his spouse. The four were seen at a dinner in Canton on Friday.

Nikko Gonzalez friends

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