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Nicole Kimpel saved the life of her boyfriend when he suffered heart-attack

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Antonio Banderas revealed how his girlfriend saved his life in 2017. The nominee for Golden Globe (three-time) suffered a ‘benign’ heart attack and his girlfriend came like an angel to save her life.

The 59-year-old Spanish explained the incident of getting a heart attack on Friday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. He said:

‘My girlfriend came to my house while she had a headache. Unfortunately, there was no painkiller in the house, so she went out to get a painkiller from the pharmacy. She bought the tablet aspirin to cure her headache, but at that time we were unaware of the fact that this would help me too during my heart ache. This five-milligram tablet was the only thing that we had in the house.’

‘The next morning, we were taking our breakfast when I started having the symptoms of a heart attack. She took out the aspirins from her bag and put a 5mg aspirin inside my tongue. This was a life-saving act that helped me to get over the pain. A single aspirin by she gave me a second chance to live and changed some stuff in my life.’

‘This incident played an important role in changing my priorities. I quit smoking and drinking – the most stupid things I have ever done in my life. I was not living my life the way it had to be. The heart attack changed the purpose of living me, so it was like a blessing to have it. It has the power to kill you, but I am lucky after all.’

Antonio divorced his second wife, Melanie Griffith in 2014 after 18 years of marriage. After that, the Laundromat actor started dating the Dutch investment adviser who was 19-years younger than him. They are getting closer to each other since 2014.

Nicole Kimpel

Nichole has a daughter Dakota with her ex-husband, Don Johnson. She started her relationship with the 40-year-old Oscar nominee and since then she remained close to him. He is now 62-year-old with 4.1M followers on social media.

On Tuesday, she attended the screening of his new film Pain & Glory  Los Angeles. His boyfriend Antonio posted a photo on social media with a caption: ‘Bundles of thanks to my beloved American family!’

The Tony-nominated thespian and Working Girl alum had a 23-year-old daughter Stella and he called them his family. On the ABC talk show, Antonio brought out his old Zorro costume for a post-Halloween appearance. He paired his ‘a box in New York’ costume with Puss in Boots-style, thigh-high boots.

The man arrived at the Hollywood set in a double denim jacket of blue color over a black shirt. He wore flared distressed blue jeans with pointy-toed thigh-high boots. The InDesign founder is now playing role in US theaters after his film Pain & Glory with the co-star Penelope Cruz.

The InDesign founder is collaborating seventh time with Pedro Almodovar. He is playing the role of a filmmaker called Salvador Mallo in the film. His unique costumes made him prominent in the show.

Nicole Kimpel

Nicole Kimpel

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