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Nick Cassavetes claims his strange wife Heather Wahlquist kidnapped his daughter.

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Heather Wahlquist responded to the claim of her husband. Nick Cassavetes claims Heather Wahlquist, who is his strange wife has kidnapped his daughter Barbie. Barbie is 12 years old, the daughter of a Movie director. He asked one of his fans to help him to search for his daughter. The director asked his fan to tell him the last location of his daughter and he said, I have not seen her in a month.

Nick Cassavetes asked for help to his friend Charli Sheen. But his wife talked with TMZ on  Wednesday, I am shocked about his claim because the director himself a bully who has done many strange things in a short time and asked me to go underground. Actually, I have not seen him my ex-husband. Wahlquist responded that my ex-husband kidnapped their daughter Barbie.

She said, we separated almost five years ago. And he wants to take revenge by kidnapping her. He has been chasing me and Barbie for a long time, he used to sit outside the our apartment to chase us. I am afraid of him because he will come again for revenge against me. The director has already threatened us by sending alarming messages. Heather added that his ex-husband sent a photo of their daughter showing her being exposed. Actually, he said, I am chasing you both.

Mostly, I have to wait for you outside the apartment to chase. Wahlquist told  the site that, he used to send us alarming messages and sent a nude photo of his daughter for trapping her. Nick Cassavetes and actress Gena Rowland are the parents of Nick. Further, she added I met with Nick at the premiere John Q.

Nick Cassavetes

He is best known for his couple of hit films ‘The Notebook and The Other Woman’. Nick claimed his daughter whose birth name is Barbarella is missing in the Instagram post for weeks. Then he moved to the Los Angeles Police Department to file an inquiry report about her missing  claiming that my estranged wife has kidnapped her and violated the custody agreement. Cassavetes wrote a statement on Friday, where is my daughter, why the phone of Wahlquist is off. Why did she move with my daughter.

Does she know I love her from the bottom of my heart and I’m coming to take her. However, he posted a photo with her. On Sunday, he allegedly claimed his estrange wife Wahlquist kidnapped his daughter Barbie. I always miss my sweet daughter, I’ve missed her before Christmas.

I could not speak her over a month and I want to realize her, I love her more than everything in the world. He wrote an Instagram post, I can’t live with her and I can’t stop myself to searching hers. We all miss you my dear child, I’m full determine your safe return. Here, we all including your dad, Sasha, Gina, Chrissy, Loochie, Gena and Bob, your aunties Chvonshvy, Yuki, Gus and Theo are saying you happy Marry Christmas.

Cassavetes has already married with Isabelle Rafalovich before marrying with Wahlquist, he is sharing two children with her those Are Virginia and Sasha. They both are daughters of Cassavetes. The director met with Wahlquist, when he was directing a movie John Q  2002. His relationship with her was a mystery. After marriage, she left him and start dating with Christina Virzi, who is a model.

Nick posted, how can a father stays away from his kids on Christmas. On Sunday, he posted his snap with his daughter on his Instagram. Then he shares two numbers of Norman Police Department and Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department, with a statement ‘ if anyone sees her or knows her residence please call the given number of police departments. Thank you for Marry Christmas.

His friend Sheen also supported him by sharing his statement on his Twitter account. He said anyone who knows anything about the daughter of my friend please inform us. Wahlquist has kidnapped my friend’s daughter. Although, he added a picture of both father and daughter on his Twitter and mentioned the missing Barbie. The LAPD didn’t expose the Cassavetes custody agreement and not responded anything about her.

Nick Cassavetes

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