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Nicholas Van Varenberg.

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The youngest son of Jean Claude Van Damme arrested in Arizona. The 21 years old and the youngest child, Nicholas Van Varenberg was in Tempe, Arizona. Police arrested him there. The reason of arresting Jean Van Damme’s son was to hold his friend at knife point according to the report. According to TMZ report, police received a call to investigate him because hi punched the elevator in his building.



When police reached there and saw blood spots. Police followed the blood spots and reached in hostel. They investigated on of his roommate. The roommate told to police that he hurt his hand. When police left the apartment, the roommate came down from stairs after 20 minutes. He informed the police that he has slipped away from the room where Mr Van Varenberg put a knife on his neck. After his information, police searched out the room and uncovered the knife and marijuana there.



There were many trials listed against him including lethal weapon, marijuana possession, unlawful imprisoned and keeping illegal drugs. Nicholas Van Varenberg born in Los Angeles, the 21 years old boy played a role in film kickboxer Retaliation with his father in 2017. Darcy Lapier, who is an American model and the star. She is the mother of this young boy. His father Van Damme has married with four different women. Although he has married five times.

Nicholas Van


Jean-Claude Van Damme, Darcy Lapier and son Nicholas pictured together in 1995 and 2013. The father Van Damme and son Nicholas were there at the premiere of The Expandable 2 in Hollywood in 2012. His father married with a bodybuilder woman, Gladys Portuguese. This was his third marriage with her. He is sharing two children with her including Kristopher who was born in 1987 and Bianca was born in 1990. They were together in relationship until 1992.


After that, he kicked off his extramarital affair with an actress and models Darcy Lapier and married her after two years in February 1994. In the same year he started an affair with his Street Fighter and co-star Kylie Minogue while filming a movie in Thailand.



Lapier was expecting her child, Nicholas and unknown about his extramarital affair. She came to know about his affair when he publicly revealed it in 2012. After leaving her he married again with body builder Portuguese in 1999.

Nicholas Van

They separated again, in 2015 Portuguese filed a second time for her divorce with Van Damme. She filed for divorce by referring an unsolved differences between them. Finally, in 2015, they called off the divorce because they reconciled and reunited. By knowing his such behavior and extramarital affair, Lapper’s heart broke badly.



Although she was expecting his child, Nicholas and wanted to his care. But unluckily, she could not receive his true love. Nicholas, born in the absence of his father Jean-Claude Van Damme. Nicholas spent most his time with his mother Lapier. When he became of 21 years, he was arrested for holding one of his roommates by putting a knife on his neck. Police arrested him in Tempe, Arizona.

Nicholas Van

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