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Who met Biden’s seventh granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts

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The elected president in 2020, keep his seventh granddaughter under cover. He did not expose her before the world. She brought up in a veil of secrecy. Joan Roberts is a cute and beautiful girl.

Biden did not want to show her that is why she was growing up in secrecy. In 2020, when Biden won the election. He invited his six grandchildren on the stage to announce that he has won the election of 2020 and became a present. But the seventh granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts was missing from the America’s next First Family ranks. She was just two years old daughter. Joan was with her father Lunden Roberts.


Navy Joan



That is why Biden denied to invite him. Biden shamefully refused to accept her with her father by saying they didn’t belong to us. She was still under a veil. None told her age, sex and name. Still, she was unknown from the world. Although she was brought up nicely in a loving and caring family. The people around her very caring and loving. Joan was growing in nice family, but the political cast was unaware about her.


DailyMail.com exposed that she is growing in an Arkansas rural. And a happy family around her. In March the Hunter who is about 50 years old involved in scandal. He filed for a paternity trail against unknown person. The DNA test report has cleared that the child had biological and legal father. According to the Roberts filing, the recovered drug addict had never met her. He didn’t recognize her  photo line up.


When Biden won the presidential election of 2020 on Saturday night. He invited his six
grand children on the stage to celebrate his new journey. Where he announced that I’m the
president of America. The seventh granddaughter was missing on stage. She was Navy Joan Roberts two years old daughter whose father was with stripper Lunden Roberts. Her family never introduced her publically.


In August when she turned to her sister Randi Jo posted her rare photo on social media. She turned away camera from her face to hide her. Hunter was mostly absent from the race of the 2020 election. Last time he appeared on stage with his 77 year old father Biden to celebrate a brief victory. He was with Cohen and a seven months child when he spotted on stage. This was his fifth child whose name was Beau. He was named in the honor of his late brother who had died due to brain cancer in 2015.


The scandal person Hunter filed a case against unknown. The DNA report cleared that he was the legal and biological father. In Sunday night post Joe Biden, his wife Jill, son Hunter, Melissa the wife of Hunter and the son Beau. Hunter’s first Kathleen sharing Nomi, Maisy and Finnegan with him. He first married with Kathleen, they lived together in a relationship for 22 years. After that Hunter divorced her.


Navy Joan


Hunter was in a relationship with his brother’s late wife Hallie. On Saturday, the stage was full with Beau’s children, Natalie, Robert Hunter Biden II, Jill Biden’s wife, daughter Ashley and her husband Howard Krein. In Empire Club a strip joint in Washington, DC, where Lunden Roberts used to work. His fling with Hunter in 2017.


The lawyer of Roberts was Clint Lancaster, who said the child was happy and growing well. He told to DailyMail.com about the child. Further, he added that Ms. Roberts is quite good and the youngster is upbringing well, he is safe and peaceful. Joe Biden’s family will be more comfortable and satisfied. Because they belong to the most powerful person in the land.


They were entitled to the detail of the Secret Service. Lancaster said I was not supposed to tell the security arrangements for clients. After knowing about the young kid DailyMail.com decided to keep her under cover. It didn’t show the address of a beautiful girl. Her reference in court was given by her name initials NJR.


The Family never exposed her in the media or public. Last time Roberts sister Randi Jo posted her pic on Facebook. She turned away her face from camera to protect her from identity. While referring to Navy’s lineage her Aunt Raemi added, your aunt loves you so much dear NJR.


I love you more than all and your mother also loves you a lot. Raemi said, although we all
have same sky, but have different horizon. Roberts is living with her parents Rob and Kimberly Roberts. They are living in a five acre deserted farmland. The house consists of four bedrooms. NJR also lives with her mother there.


Her Grandpa Rob, who is 58 years old holding a business of gun custom. His wife also helps him in his business. The blue collar is a famous family of local figures. Roberts bought a house for 200,000 dollars to live with family. The house was consisted of three bedrooms. Where she enjoyed her first chunk. Before entering the Navy Joan and her mother in house.


The constructors have given the final shape to the property. The youngster’s family was away from the court war that her mother fought with Hunter’s fifth child. Her mother was very confident in the trial. Hunter was not ready to accept her his child.


The DNA report cleared the child belong to him biologically and legally. This court battle was fought in 2019. The young man’s settled family life is in stark contrast to the controversial court battle in which a determined mother fought in 2019 to have her daughter recognized by Hunter, the father of five.


Navy Joan


The distance occurred between the couple due to a little fling at the Mpire Club a strip joint in Washington DC when they met there. Lunden was working there. He worked under the  stage name Dallas. The seventh granddaughter of Joe Biden was born in August.
Navy was under cover until her mother filed for paternity and child support in 2019. She filed the case when her ex-husband Hunter married with another female. Hunter married with Melissa Cohen just for six days dating. Mr. Hunter denied to accept Navy Joan Roberts. In 2019, when the court forced him for a DNA test. After DNA test report ,it was clear the hunter was the father of Navy.


Roberts enrolled in George Washington University to graduate in forensic investigation. But she could not graduate due to court battle for months. She fought for disclosing the financial affairs of her husband hunter who was the youngest son of a future president. The investigators blamed on Hunter in court documents. They said Hunter has assets of 156 million dollars.

He was earning 50,000 dollars per month from Ukrainian energy company plus Burisma and other business interests in China. Hunter appealed for poverty. He said I have cleared himself from first with Kathleen Buhle after divorce in 2017. Kathleen was sharing three children with him. He could not provide repeatedly his six returns, disclose his home address that was in Los Angeles ,his phone number, and interfering media in his life. It was happening when his father Joe Biden was contesting his presidential campaign.


In his file in Independence County Circuit Court Hunter said, I’m unemployed. I don’t have any business since May 2019. Indeed, I did not receive any monthly income after 2019. He tried to express his true faith and goodness in the court. Now, I have an important debt (it was due to my divorce obligations that were settled in April 2017) whose accountability is going on by the account holders.


Hunter couldn’t join his father in presidential campaign due some of his issues, citing to foreign bussing dealings. He didn’t not appear on media for a long time. His illegal business dealings effected his father’s campaign. On Saturday night, his video surprised the public because he was under the veil for months. At the end Hunter has to accept the reality. According to the file, Hunter agreed to pay all the expenditures of his child. All these conditions were under the seal.


That is why he will have to fulfill it. Hunter humiliated several times the judicial proceedings. But in March, it was announced that both parties has reached a global without any trial. According to Lancaster appealing, Hunter never wished to meet his daughter, although he was paying her expenses.


He wrote, the appellant has no concern with the child after her birth. Because he did not see her, never meet her and never bring her up. Indeed, he never came to visit her and he could not recognize out her in lineup photo.

The appellant was unaware the child. She did not see him. He was totally strange for her. Hunter was absent from public eyes for a long time. Last time he spotted on stage with his family to celebrate the narrow win of his old father presidential contest. When he appeared on stage, Cohen was with him. She was carrying her seven month child who is sharing with Hunter.


This was Hunter’s fifth child. He was named in the honor of Hunter’s late brother Beau. Beau was his brother who died in 2015 due to brain cancer. In autumn, Rudy Guiliani the lawyer of President Trump obtained an old laptop of Hunter in Delaware from a repair shop. Hunter didn’t collect this laptop. Rudy allegedly obtained it.


The laptop was unable to protect his data because of lack of basic security measures. When Rudy searched it , he couldn’t find anything important except the numbers of political figures. There were some photos of his smoking through a crack pipe during receiving sex.
Joe Biden expressed many times his love with his grandchildren during his presidency campaign.


He demonstrated how will he meet with his grandchildren after camping. Further, he said, I
would invite my five grandchildren the Democratic National Convention while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


In Hunter’s laptop, Rudy finds that the mail records that Trump showed as an evidence during his campaign. He said, his father Joe Biden was also involved in illegal business affairs of Hunter. Hunter enriched himself by using the name of his dad. Further, he mentioned that Joe Biden shared profits from son’s business dealings in China and Ukraine. But Biden denied to take black money of his son and made it sure I was not involved in his business dealings.


Although he did never argue that the emails were genuine. In spite of the efforts by social media giants to minimize the content of laptop of New York stories. Joe Biden spends most of his time with his family after winning the contest of Whitehouse. He sorted out the controversy of Whitehouse. First of all Joe Biden’s eldest granddaughter Noami, who is 26 years old broke the new that Networks has cast it vote to Biden’s favor.


Nomi and her other siblings Maisy 18, Finnegan 20 are the children of Hunter and Kathleen. Kathleen was his first life partner whom Hunter divorced after spending 22 years together in marital relations.


Hunter was in relationship with his late brother’s wife Hallie. Hunter was also sharing a daughter with Roberts. But Hunter had denied to relate with her. After DNA reports, it was cleared that Hunter legally and biologically related to her. TThe Last night of convention, Joe Biden four eldest granddaughters arrived and met with him.


They discovered how they enforce and encourage his pop to hurry up to run for president. After winning the contest of the President. The family celebrated the win. Total family was on stage, but seventh granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts was not there.

The youngest son Hunter was known as “Black Sheep” of Biden’s family. But his father always stood with him in all ups and downs. He called him a good man and said I know him well.

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