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Nathan Carman undergoing an accuse of murder of his rich grandfather.

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Nathan claimed, that why would he kill his grandfather as he had given him a lot of money for his financial affairs? In 2013, there was a charge of murder of his rich grandfather for money. According to accuse, the young man killed his grandfather by gun for taking his inheritance money, but he said there was no way to kill him because he was providing him with enough money for financial support.

On Wednesday, according to the unsealed court documents young man, Nathan Carman took money for his all expenses, including his rent, utilities, and educational fee from his grandfather before his murder in December 2013. The old man John Chakalos came to end at the age of87. His three aunts were blaming him to kill Chakalos.

They are fighting for his billionaire property. These aunts filed a murder case against him, it is such an instrument through which the culprit can’t take the victim’s property. But Carman was staying strong and he faced the challenges and maintained his innocence.

He confessed, that there was no trouble for me to kill him because he was supporting me throughout. And that is why there is no reason to kill him. In court, documents were presented to the jury of New Hampshire in which Carman says, my grandfather was great financial support for me, I have lost my financial help after his death. Carman says, there was a good relationship between me and my grandfather because we shared love and care, that was the reason he was supporting me financially.

In a new court document, he wrote there was no motive to kill him because he was generous in supporting me in all expenses of life including school, rent, and utilities. Chakalos was a billionaire property developer, he gave Carman a credit card having $5000 to pay his utilities, furniture, and rent.

Nathan Carman

Further, he wrote, that my relationship with my grandfather was a good opportunity for personal and professional growth, which I never found. My grandfather also promised to support me in my future. Therefore, he introduced me to high-class businessmen, leaders and
his staff members.

This relationship and meetings were goings-on when the murder took place. His grandfather was bearing his monthly expenses including his 2400 dollars rent, $1000 furniture, utilities, television, cable, and others. He gifted him a Nissan pickup truck and monthly $5000 for his personal experience.

The total cost of a Nissan pickup truck was $20,000. Carman revealed, that my grandfather offered me my total school fee, rent, and all expenses in the future, but this promise could not be fulfilled because he died in the shooting.

Further, he wrote my grandfather offered to give me the latest Ford F-150 pickup truck for $50,000. The scene of Chakalos took place the same night when he had dinner with Carman. Although, he was never involved in the such case before. There was another accused of drowning his mother Linda in 2016 when their fishing boat sank. He was the only sole heir of her mother, Linda, who lost in September 2016 during a fishing trip. There are two sorts of cards available for use in the US: Genuine ID cards and non-genuine ID-agreeable cards. The genuine IDs are the most recent adaptations of state-gave cards added security highlights. Each kind of card requires its own arrangement of highlights, so we created individual groups to deliver each fake id card https://topfakeid.com/fake-ids-using-real-vs-fake-information/

Carman said, I spent a week floating on a life raft in search of my mother Linda and boat Chicken Pox but could not find anything clue of the boat and mom. He denied killing his mother and grandfather and said these were lame accusations against him.

In 2014, police searched his apartment and one neighbor told police, that he was waiting for the time bomb and referred to him as a murdered boy. One police officer asked about him his family members, they said he hired a security guard for his safety.

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