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Mobster’s granddaughter covering up his grandfather’s crimes

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There are many actresses in the showbiz industry, but a few years ago a most flexible youngster Karina Seabrook broke all the records. She is the granddaughter of a famous man the Gravano. The 19 years old Karina Seabrook looked very eager to depict her mobster ties.

According to the New York Post Karina belongs to an Infamous man who is known as the person of the Mafia.  Karina wrote in a paper, of course, he is notorious but for me, he is my grandfather. I am his beloved granddaughter.

MTV’s newest reality show reflects the lives of some young people. Who try to make their way through the shadows of their family’s often criminal past? The teen includes Seabrook and other young Staten Islanders.

The Bull’ Gravano, the grandfather of Karina a notorious man, was convicted of drug trafficking and remained in prison until 2017. The Bull’ Gravano, the mobster turned informer, has been released after serving 15 years in prison for the drug. He was associated with the Mafia, rekindling memories of the country’s battle against organized crime in the 2002s.

The 19-year-old Karina, who is also criticized due to her grandfather’s crimes. Karina’ grandfather the Bull Gravano is considered the worst man of all time. In 2002, his drug business was booming. So, the government took him into his custody and he remained in prison until 2017. Karina loved her grandfather so much so, she went to prison to visit her grandfather.

Karina Seabrook says it looks like a crazy scene, so critics of the show have no interest in it. However, do not appear to be concerned with the premise.

Expressing his views, The Mayor said that MTV has made allegations because they want to elevate themselves so they have posted obscene pictures. Almost 7,500 signatures are calling for its cancellation or asking it to remove the name of the borough from the title.



Maniscalco, who started to write the petition, wrote on the campaign page. The MTV show aims that they present Staten Island as a cesspool of gangsters, meatheads, and low lives. Doing so seems to be the axis of their development.

Joseph Maniscalco further added that MTV is only focusing on how lucky Karina due to get guidance from her grandfather notorious mob murder turned informant, ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano,. MTV should also focus on the epidemics that are having a detrimental effect on youth.


Bill de Blasio called it shamless in the Borough’s Defense when he was criticizing himself for the show. Karen Gravano, who is a producer on Made in Staten Island in which his daughter Karina starred in the story he produced. Both the father and daughter were seen in the silent night here in 2016 on VH1 Divas Holiday. Krina is for the most part known for her exquisite look and captivating style in this story, that is produced by his father.


This petition doesn’t make a sense to me, it is the madness of people they always judge the book by its above cover.

Karina’s mother is a famous lady. Currently she is working as a reality star on VH1’s Mob Wives and also producing the show shared her views about this show. She wrote on paper the show deals fairly with the issue of planned crime despite the ‘pros’ of mob life:


Sources show that the kareen’s father was a famous mobstar and kareen was also involved in this crime with them. Once the Kareen’s father became the witnessof her previous boss John Gotti has sentenced to 15 years in prison on drug charges.

It was the hardest time of my life when I used to go to jail to see my grandfather, Karin told.

That’s why all my memories of my childhood are associated with prison Seabrook said regarding the cons of the criminal lifestyle.

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