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Instagram fitness bloggers reveal she has a bubble butt

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It was Thursday morning the super star Mikaela Testa decided to go on shopping with her boyfriend. When the Mikaela Testa was buying groceries with her boyfriend Atis at a store on the Gold Coast she observed a young boy was gazing her.

Mikaela Testa had worn a skimpy outfit when the young boy watching her. The young boy stares at her skimpy when she was on the Gold Coast with her boyfriend.

Mikaela Testa shares her views about the boy’s act, it’s not a first time she says such incident happened all time. On Thursday morning she was looking so attractive in her denim mini skirt. She said to her boyfriend, I am feeling so happy today.

When the couple was shopping at the grocery shop the 21 years old young Mikaela Testa   noticed an old grandma glowering at her. Her mood quickly changes. She said in a post when the old grandmas was glowering at me, I had worn a demin mini skirt,cropped pink cardigan and had a matching handbag with me.

According to Daily Mail Maikaela Testa said, the older women make negative comments about her clothes when she was going to market with her boyfriend.

She says it makes me humiliate when they make such comments in front of my friends and loved ones. She said when she was walking through Woolworth’s supermarket on Thursday she was looking attractive and the men was glowering her figure consecutively.

Ms Testa shared a picture with her boyfriend in this picture the boyfriend loving her.

Mikaela Testa boy friend

Ms Testa said she felt bad when she was walking through the market all the old women stared at her. She said all these situations have become a huge anxiety to going in public place for her.

In May, once Maikaela Testa said, I am wearing a stripper going through the market an older woman said to me loudly, where is your self respect, young girl.

The woman said to her husband can you believe such girl? The woman makes her living uploading gross videos. After saying these words about Ms Testa the couple was near to laugh.

The stunning body figure Testa once more shared a photo in which she was again wearing a denim mini skirt, a sheer white top with spaghetti straps. She was looking nude in this dress.

Ms Testa said when she shared her videos on On fans her followers makes negative comments on her posts. She says all the people know it’s a trend after knowing about the trend, some people makes negative comments.

I think it happened a lot of time whenever I went to any restaurant or any public place. The Instagram blogger said, I have a stunning and fit figure. I want to become fit because I like to wear a skimpy skirt on my body.

Testa said, I do a lot of struggle to make my figure attractive. I do hard exercises to remain fit. She also reveals she used to exercise to get a bubble butt and at least she get it.

Mikaela Testa sexy figure

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