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Michael Phelps posted the picture of new born baby Beckett David Phelps.

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Michael Phelps welcomed his second child in this world. He was very excited and happy to say him welcome into the world. Beckett David is the second child and son of Michael Phelps. His parents were very happy to have him as a second son. They already have a son. Beckett David is a newly born baby. His father Michael Phelps shared his photos on his Instagram account.

Michael Phelps

He expressed his excitement and enthusiasm while sharing his new son on social
media. The Olympian declared his son Beckett’s photos with him on his social media accounts. Michael said my baby is very healthy and cute. His presence is full of love for us. Beckett mother is very happy to see him healthy and she welcomed him in the new world. She said the young one is free from a abdominal prison.

Boomer is the first child of Michael. Michael shared this child with his wife Nicole. Nicole
bringing up her child Boomer. Michael shared a picture of Boomer and his mother Nicole.
Beckett is the younger brother of Boomer. There will be the second birthday of Boomer in May of following year. Boomer still enjoying his early life in the cradle.


Michael said , I am enjoying with Nicole the early days of Beckett in the world. Further he said, there are healthy son in the lap of health mama. It’s a good news that both for me that, there was not any complexity during delivery. I’m happy , they both are healthy.

Michael Phelps

Michael shared a post with caption,  me and my wife Nicole would like to introduce our cute kid in the new world. Nicole was holding Beckett, the new sibling of Boomer. Michael shared this post on his official Instagram page the tot’s. Michael said it’s incredible life. I’m very happy to have such a nice family. Infect I consider myself the most happiest man in the world. My family growing slowly. We are four now. I am with my wife going to build new family with new members. It is a small world of four members
and with two doggies.


Boomer joined the action on Instagram. He also has a page on Instagram. A cute snap and
message shared on his account. Famous dad helped the tot to hold the Beckett David. Nicole wrapped her new baby David in a blanket. There was a white hat oh his head. His brother Boomer was sitting with his mom by wearing a blue sweater and beige jeans.
Boomer captioned, I can’t wait to take Beckett to take in my arms. My heartiest wish to teach him about life. I want to play with him and fight off love.

Michael Phelps

He shared all in his Instagram account. In a post, he was taking his brother from his father. Nicole said , there are two babies surrounding me. I’m a happier mom with my two babies. My life is like a paradise on land in  tpresence of two sons. Our family has grown one year now. She posted a photo in her own version on her Instagram account.
The Olympian champion and swimmer and beauty girl Nicole married in June 2016. One month later , they give birth to their son Boomer. In August ,they announced that, we were expectingour second child. In Arizona, they lived in Paradise Valley.

Phelps have won 28 medals , he is the most impressive player. There are four Summer Olympics including, Athens in 2014, Beijing in 2008, Landon in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016 in his career.

Michael Phelps

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