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Michael O’Hare started insulting the customer

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The TV chef Michael O’Hare is running a restaurant. The name of his restaurant is Michelin
Starred. By comparing his restaurant with Led Zeppelin. He disgraced the customer who emailed about the bad taste of his restaurant food. Not only humiliated him; but also said my food and taste 10 million times better than yours.

Former star master chef Michael O’Hare said to the customer Russell Whish that my palette is a million times better than you eat. Mr.Wish is a father of two children. He said; I had already booked a cabin for a year ago. When I visit his restaurant and eat his food. It was bad tasted food.

Michael O'Hare

I complained his food on email and he got furious. Mr. Russell said I complained his £180 meal at the master chef’s restaurant. In returned Michael said my food is million times better than yours.

About one year ago I ordered  food, but I have disappointed by the taste and size.
According to the Sun’s statement, Mr.Whish went to his restaurant for complaining him
personally of his bad taste and size of food. But, the restaurant staff said to me there is nobody here. There was no other way to complain his bad food. Then I went to home and emailed on his restaurant’s bad food. This mail exposed and the matter turned into offend.
When Mr O’Hare came to know the email about his bad food. The food was one of the Great British menu, that the food was totally tasteless and salty.

Michael O'Hare

At this the master chef emailed Mr.whish that, if you don’t like my food. Then don’t come here in my restaurant to have food. But it’s more than enough, you have done.
Mr.Chef said, but I like my food. It would not be bad by your saying. In fact none can compete with my food. My restaurant has it’s won importance and value. My palette is 10 million times better than yours. That is the reason of my fame and honor. Led Zeppelin didn’t write such songs that are liked by everyone.

When the matter became more offensive. Then the Mr.chef called Mr.Whish ***c. Mr.O’Hare has changed his outlook. In 2006 , he appeared with long black hair on Master Chef. The famous chef was looking totally different. Mr.Whish replied to him and said. We have applied for Lead Zeppelin concert and now got the wizard.

While responding his insult who had said that, Russell, if you have a mind to expose it publicly. Then remember that, I was wrong. Me and my staff did not do well with you. In fact, I accept it you are absolutely right. We were wrong.

He said it’s a matter of respect. Michael said,I respect you. You are the leading singer of
Wizard. Mr.Whish while talking-to the Sun. He said, it seemed that fame has gone from his head. That is why, he is talking like that. After that, the master chef Mr O’Hare contacted to The Man behind The Curtain to comment.

Michael O'Hare

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