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How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

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To get a good night’s sleep, you must invest in a new mattress. We all wake up with more or fewer aches, pains and restlessness because we sleep in something that is very unpleasant. We all know more or less than a mattress base is a structure that further supports a mattress. A mattress needs a solid foundation to function properly, especially memory foam.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a memory foam mattress foundation yourself. Not a great option if you don’t know foundation making. Before knowing how to make a memory foam mattress foundation process, it is necessary to follow the mattress foundations available for different mattresses because not all types of foundations are suitable for memory foam mattresses. You’ll learn how to build a memory foam mattress foundation with this DIY project in our guide.

Why memory foam mattress foundation?

Traditionally, the mattress sits on top of a box spring or a bed frame. However, if you don’t have a box spring, you can create a foundation for your mattress. Most bed frames are not designed to carry the load of the mattress so if you have a memory foam bed, it will sag to the floor.

So you must use a foundation, building a foundation will help you get better results. Also, if you want to lower the height of your bed the box spring will need to be ditched completely. Finally, if you don’t have a bed frame, build a foundation that will help with storage under your bed and better aesthetics for the bedroom.

How many and what are the types of mattress foundations?

There are different types of mattress foundations. Let us know how many types of foundations are made for a bed.

box spring

A box spring foundation is usually made of a metal or wood frame, but may or may not have actual springs inside. However, modern box spring foundations do not use metal springs to lighten them. A box spring foundation can be used with a metal bed frame. A box spring mattress without an innerspring is called a slatted bed foundation.

A true box spring foundation is great for an innerspring mattress, and some memory foam or latex mattresses are also suitable for a box spring foundation.

Metal platform

Metal platforms are sufficient to carry the mattress without the need for a foundation. Most mattresses are suitable for metal platforms. However, if you want memory foam mattresses that can be placed on a metal base, they are not the best option. Memory foam mattresses require a harder base.

Slatted bed foundation

A slatted bed foundation is built on a wooden or metal frame. The slats used in the bed can vary depending on the type of mattress. You can use the space below the slats for storage, almost any type of mattress can be used on a slatted bed foundation. However, if you are using a memory foam mattress, the space between the slats should be less.

Solid platform base

A solid platform foundation is the best option if you have a heavy-weight mattress. These types of foundations are most durable and strong enough to be used for a long time. Aesthetically, they look better than other bed foundations. Firm platform foundations are the most expensive bed foundations on the market because these foundations have more advantages than other mattresses.

Lifetime improvement

A proper foundation for a memory foam mattress increases its lifespan. At least it is durable and strong enough to be used for a long time. We spend a third of our day in bed so we need a strong mattress foundation. Therefore, a mattress needs support from the base to save. Thus, a proper foundation ultimately increases the service life of the memory foam mattress.

Getting the best out of mattresses

Memory foam mattresses can withstand body pressure and have the perfect combination of cushioning and firmness. It is very important for the health of our muscles and spine. Using a memory foam mattress without a foundation can cause piles in certain areas of the mattress, causing the mattress to have an uneven surface. Uneven surfaces force the body’s muscles and spine out of alignment, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep.

Increase bed height

A mattress foundation increases the height of the bed enough, it is not good to sleep on a mattress without a foundation. It will leave you smelling cold, dirt, and dust on the floor. Another difficulty is getting up from the bed on the floor, especially for those with back and leg pain who have trouble getting out of bed. Therefore, the height of the bed needs to be increased. Therefore, the height of the top of the mattress from the floor needs to be at least 20 inches. It’s a comfortable and safe way to get out of bed.

Keep the mattress stable

Having a foundation with the right dimensions will keep the mattress stable. If your floor is slippery, using a mattress without a foundation can make it unstable. On the other hand, if the foundation doesn’t conform to the mattress, the mattress will sink to the point where it won’t get proper support from the foundation.

Keep the mattress clean

Using a mattress foundation will protect the mattress from floor dirt and moisture. Foam mattresses, in particular, absorb moisture so leaving the mattress on the floor without a foundation will expose the memory foam to moisture and dirt. This will cause mold and mildew to form which will be unhealthy allergens and cause the mattress to deteriorate quickly.

Make the mattress comfortable

Using a foundation in a mattress provides good support and comfortable sleep. Using a foundation will ensure adequate airflow and circulation of trapped heat from the mattress. A comfortable and restful sleep requires a foundation as well as the best bed frame for heavy person.


Use a proper foundation to prevent your memory foam bed from sagging. Here’s how to build a memory foam mattress foundation. You’ll start with an outer frame first, then finish with the cradle, crossbars, slats, and legs. Correct measurements and appropriate materials for the frame will dictate overall durability.

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